Salinas Ecuador Real Estate Workshop

I am very happy to extend an invitation to all our readership, on behalf of our co-sponsors, EscapeArtist Ecuador and Zen Global Real Estate, for the inaugural EscapeArtist Ecuador Real Estate Workshop, to be held in Salinas, Ecuador, April 8-10, 2014. If nothing else, look at it as one last chance to write-off a business expense, prior to the dreaded April 15th tax date. For those of you interested in the Colombia marketplace, specifically Medellin please follow this link to find out more about the Mar. 31 to Apr. 2 Colombia workshop –

The Ecuador event will be held at the private and unique Playa Canela Boutique Inn, in beautiful, sunny Salinas.  Keep in mind that reservations for the hotel rooms are on a first come, first served basis and Playa Canela only offers 6 rooms + 1 suites (sleeps 5), for a total of 7 rooms’ accommodations.  Right there, you should note two things: 1) This isn’t your normal real estate event and 2) Booking reservations early is essential, if you want the convenience of staying at the site where the workshop takes place.

Let’s talk about the event, before we finalize further discussions on the accommodation options and other facets of this rare opportunity to learn about real estate investing in Ecuador, from a 30-year real estate veteran, who has conducted transactional real estate business in Ecuador for 25 years.  You’ve read about them, possible attended them.  The mega-conferences, which generally have anywhere from 200-500 people in attendance.  You know the promises, because you’ve read all  about them, perhaps even heard about them first hand at a preliminary “seminar”, which serves as little less than the initial pitch to get you to attend the “big money” conference. Well…we aren’t “those guys”.  This event is truly different and if you attend, you will readily understand that fact.

We want this to be a true workshop.  Hands on…personal…and a true learning experience. The impersonal mega-conference herds people through a robotically structured set of presentations. Little time is left for questions and answers, because likely they don’t have the answers and may not like your tough questions.  You are forced to sit in a stuffy, regimented, university hall environment, where bone-chilling air-conditioning, alternates with searing heat. For those who have attended such events…am I exaggerating?

We will, consider our small, personal and discrete event the “stale conference antidote”.  We are limiting attendance to a maximum of 30 people.  Plenty of room to get to know each other, address issues of personal importance to your unique situation, and to ask plenty of questions.  We encourage it.  We crave it.  In fact, are you ready for this, we don’t mind if you interrupt the presenters mid-sentence to ask a question.  This is a workshop – hands on, interactive and a full collaboration. Have a question that just can’t wait…you don’t want to forget…speak right up and ask.  After all, this workshop isn’t about talking at you, this workshop is about teaching you how to make good real estate investment decisions, in the very tricky Ecuador real estate market.

Salinas Ecuador Real Estate Workshop

That’s right!  You read correctly.  We aren’t just going to set ourselves up as the experts and feed you a lifetime supply of endless CDs and audio tapes.  We are going to teach you, directly, how to invest in Ecuadorean real estate. For example, we will cover the following topics, as a small sampling:

What makes a location in Ecuador a good investment and, just as importantly, why are some locations not such good investments;

What types of properties are in demand…which have limited inventory…and what properties are sitting on the market for months and months and months, without a nibble;

What makes good quality construction and what are flaws to be leery of, when selecting a home, or real estate investment asset;

Special issues to consider when purchasing a home on the coast;

Average price per square foot/square meter ratios, for the various areas showcased at this workshop, so that you have a comparative pricing model, for future purchases.  Those are real price models, not the notorious “gringo gouging” market prices;

Field inspections of homes/condos, showing all the benefits of investing, while pointing out factors which could be a challenge upon resale;

Area sub-market analysis of specific neighborhoods and sectors, allowing a first-hand glimpse as to what areas are currently hot and which are not;

Meeting with fellow expats to gain a first-hand experience as to what life in Ecuador is truly like;

Personalized access to specialists who can make your transition into Ecuadorean residency a great deal easier…everyone from visa specialists to real estate attorneys and quality construction contractors;

Access to my real estate investment consulting advice, with the opportunity to schedule a 30 minute private consultation, to discretely discuss your personal real estate portfolio strategy and requirements.  Perhaps, just advise on how to find a great second home.  Whatever you need, we can discuss, if you wish to schedule the consultation.

These are just some of the featured planned activities. Emphasis on the word “active”.  There will be “classroom” time, but it won’t be the mind-numbing 8-10 hour marathon variety.  We will start most days with a 2-hour presentation, starting at 9:00 AM, sharp.  This will be followed by an hour of interactive presentations, including a wide-open Q&A session.  We will then break for lunch, where we will all go out together and sample a unique establishment, unless we have lunch catered and sent to us.  Completely a “free for all”, as maximum flexibility allows us to take advantage of the most enriching opportunities for you.  Anyone with special food requirements, or specific allergies, needs to provide that data as early as possible.

After a leisurely lunch, we will head out into the field, to put the classroom knowledge to work for you.  Note, no simple, canned “real estate” tour, designed simply to make you “buy now”.  A real area tour, focused on applying real estate investment techniques to actual real estate investment opportunities. We will survey your interests in advance to try and focus on what types of investments interest our attendees.

We will then cap the day off, with a return to the hotel, where a brief closing summary for the day will be provided.  We will end somewhere between 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM.  Then it is anywhere between an hour or two to refresh and off we go to dinner together.  A new exciting locale will be selected every night, featuring the fine area cuisine.

Ecuador Real Estate Workshop

I guarantee you that this will be like nothing you have experienced before, in terms of a real estate investment experience.  We will keep it real and candid.  We will be structured enough so that this event is worth your investment of time and money, but not so rigidly structured that we fail to take advantage of a unique opportunity, because I have to recite an extra half-hour sermon.  This is not the way we work.

A few things to note.  The Playa Canela locale is selected, precisely because it is quiet, remote, discrete.  It is also cozy, homey and warm.  Each day, a complimentary breakfast is served.  However, the hotel does not have guest kitchen service for lunch or dinner.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend lunches and dinners with us, you will have to “hunt for food” on your own.  The proprietor of Playa Canela, Cecilia, is fully bilingual. She can call a taxi for you readily, as can I, or any member of my team.  However, it is something you need to know and plan for in advance.  Please respect your fellow Workshop participants and your Workshop hosts, by letting us know as far in advance, if you will not be joining the group for lunch or dinner.

Additional accommodations are also available at the nearby Playa Dorada Hotel to handle the remaining Workshop guests, who do not book early, if required.  Playa Dorada is a very nice, oceanfront hotel, less than a 3 minute drive from Playa Canela Boutique Inn.  Daily guest pick up from Playa Dorada will occur at 8:45 AM, in order to reach Playa Canela prior to the 9:00 AM Workshop start time.  If you cannot make the 8:45 AM pick-up, you will have to rely on having a taxi called, in order to take you to the Workshop. Please plan accordingly.

I can’t encourage you enough to attend this event.  It is truly a unique experience in an industry filled with events designed solely to sell product. Sorry, we won’t have tapes, CDs, videos, books, magazines or yearly newsletter subscriptions to sell.  Just the Workshop, our knowledge and the experience of learning real estate investment in Ecuador, first-hand, from a real estate industry professional.  There will be a Workshop field extension, for those that have a few additional days.  The information will be provided, along with the other confirmation materials, once you have been registered as a Workshop participant.

The price of this Workshop event is a simple, straight-forward, $1,200 USD/pp.  No early bird discounts, or spousal discounts, or any other gimmicks.  The price is the same, single or married…early or later.  The only advantage to registering early is that you will get to select your preferred room at Playa Canela first and once those are gone…well, the rest of the good folks will be staying offsite.  Just a reality.  The limited 2 suites offer the best Pacific Ocean views and they will likely go quickly.

There will be a post Workshop discount, however, for anyone making a real estate purchase through Zen Global, while on this visit with us. We will credit you $500 on the cost of services for any real estate transaction, as a way of saying “thank you” for your participation in the Workshop and for your confidence in Zen Global and EscapeArtist Ecuador.

You can register your interest by filling in the form below.  You will receive a reply within 24 hours. If possible, leave a phone number in the comments section, as often questions are best answered by phone. If you wish to stay at the Playa Canela, please indicate your interest in the comment box and we will provide you details necessary for booking your room or suite.

I sincerely look forward to getting to meet each and everyone of you, personally, at the EscapeArtist Ecuador Real Estate Workshop.  It will be both an informative and fun event, where friendships will be established and opportunities revealed.


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