Safest Country for Business Execs in Latin America - Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Safest Country for Business Execs in Latin America

The Latin Business Chronicle, which focuses on business news and caters to multinational corporations, has named Costa Rica the safest country in Latin America for the executives. Latin news frequently features stories of business executives being kidnapped and held for ransom. As a result, multinational companies doing business in Latin America must consider these factors seriously. The security issue is so serious that specialized firms are hired to protect the company executives, which costs millions each year. When a corporation is looking to expand into Latin America the safety factor has a heavy weighting in the decision making process.

While Costa Rica enjoys the accolades it did not take the journal to announce its number one pick for safety to get the interests of CEO’s. Large conglomerates and multinational corporations have long understood that Costa Rica has a climate for corporate regional headquarters and fabrication plants. While safety helps the peace of mind for families of executives working here, Costa Rica’s safety helps the bottom-line by reducing the expensive security details. Plus, the Costa Rican government has gone out of its way to set up tax free zones, which provides the surrounding areas with good jobs and stable salaries. Companies such as Intel, Hewlett Packard, Sony Ericsson, and many others have invested heavily to take advantage of this stable democracy in the tropics of Central America.

To provide a perspective, Costa Rica has the lowest risk concerning safety and security of business executives, while Colombia and Venezuela have the highest risk.

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