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Why Costa Rica is perfect for Summer Camp?

What makes Costa Rica the perfect country for an international summer camp is the fact that it is a stable country, filled with amazing adventures, and gets kids out into nature. Summer Camps these days are big business and it is nothing new to Costa Rica to open it’s doors to thousands of kids in their teens looking to get away for a week or two and be part of some of the many Summer Camp Adventures you can find in Costa Rica.

One of the most important things about attending a summer camp in Costa Rica is the fact that the kids will get out into nature. The chance to be sleeping in a jungle where the species count is 10 fold anything else these kids has ever seen leaves a lasting impact on so many campers. It is amazing how sleeping in the jungle can transform todays youth. I have seen it a hundred times and it never involves a long lecture on nature it simply requires getting the kids a tad bit out of their comfort zone, doing some nature awareness activities (as seen in Coyote Guide).

The fact that the tropics are so filled with life allows you to be surrounded by more living different species in at one time more than any other place on Earth and this has a magical affect that you can only feel by experiencing it. It sounds fruity but it is the summer camps in the tropics that allow kids to get a grip on the importance our natural surroundings play in our survival.

This is why I started our annual LEAD Program where it is more than just a summer camp but a chance to allow kids to see our natural beauties as an intricate part of our survival as a species on this planet. We have our heads in the sand on many issues and we need LEADERS that are going to help get our society and economy in a more sustainable direction. 

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