Top 5 Kid-Friendly Tours in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is becoming the perfect destination for traveling with the family. Take a look at the amazing adventure tours you can bring the kids on when enjoying a Costa Rica Family Vacation:

1.) Raft the Pejibaye River – Not the most popular River but one of the cleanest and most pristine you will find in all of Costa Rica. We love operating our Private Rafting trip on this river with kids making you and your family feel like your own private river.

2.) Canyoneering at the Arenal Volcano – A canyon that is filled with 3 different waterfalls and made accessible for kids of all ages. This is a great adventure that will go down in the history books for your family vacations.

3.) Danaus Nature Reserve – Located near the Arenal Volcano this easy hike on only 9 acres allows you to see so much wildlife and learn about the importace of protecting our Rainforest. Walk through with one of our guides will take only 2 hours but it is filled with seeing, touching, and hearing some of the most interesting critters of the rainforest.

4.) Snorkel Caribbean – Time to get the kids out to see some of the 35 different species of Corals. With Global Warming coral growth is changing at a lightning speed and it is very important to get kids educated on the Rainforest of our Oceans.

5.) Zipline San Luis– There are a number of different places to zipline in Costa Rica but the San Luis zipline located just outside of San Ramon is probably the most kid-friendly zipline I know in all of Costa Rica.