Most Beautiful National Parks in the World - Living in Costa Rica

Most Beautiful National Parks in the World

Being on the list of Forbe Magazines most beautiful National Park’s in the world isn’t a bad way to start the week for Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica. One of Costa Rica’s smallest national parks is without questions one of the most exciting to see. It is filled with miraculous beaches, hiking trails, and plenty of wildlife.

In the Forbe’s magazine article they mention that the park is a century younger than Yosemite. Not only is it younger but it is just a small fraction of the size. Yosemite is huge and this small little pearl of Manuel Antonio on the Pacific of Costa Rica is 1,500 acres while Yosemite is 800,000 acres. This is quite the difference in size but they say “good things come in small packages” as is the case with Manuel Antonio National Park. The national Park of Manuel Antonio is also located at the end of a peninsula. The better portion of the length of this peninsula is now Manuel Antonio hotels, condos, and properties looking to get the best view of the protected national park while keeping their distance to help keep it pristine and in the best of conditions.

The Manuel National Park is closed on mondays in order to allow the wildlife, trails, and foliage to have it’s natural way without visitors. During the Mondays in the area there is still plenty to do and see with sea-kayak tours, ziplines, ATV’s, sailing, and just relaxing at some of the most luxurious hotels in all of Costa Rica or just chilling at a 6 bedroom house rental with startling views of the deep blue pacific.

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