Manuel Antonio Hotels Offers Costa Rica's Finest

Manuel Antonio Hotels Offer Costa Rica’s Finest

As anyone will tell you – who’ve visited the country – Manuel Antonio is a MUST SEE for anyone coming to this tiny Latin American nation of just over 4.2 million.

Tourism has steadily increased over the past few years, largely in part to massive Costa Rica marketing efforts by the tourism board (ICT) which includes the recently launched ‘teasers’ being displayed in theatres across the United States.

In late 2011 there was another marketing campaign featuring a talking sloth that increased attention to the country exponentially.

Of the plethora of areas around the country that could be classified as “tourist hotspots”, is the notorious and world-famous national park of Manuel Antonio.

It is here that one can witness – up close and personal – many wildlife species and flora that call Costa Rica home. You’re likely to see many white-faced monkeys or capuchin monkeys, toucans, wild boars, howler monkeys, crocodiles, iguanas and a laundry list of different species of flora and fauna.

The park is considered the most popular amongst tourists coming to the country.

Entering in to the park one can’t help but to notice the selection of Manuel Antonio hotels – everything from 5star luxury to boutique and even backpacker havens for those on a budget.

One brand of Costa Rica hotels that appears to be gaining widespread recognition for their “eco-minded visions” is the Greentique Hotels of Costa Rica.

Greentique as a brand represents a vision of sustainable tourism and as such has been awarded the highest possible award – 5 Green Leaf (CST) – for their efforts in this regard.

The flagship of the brand is Si Como No, a recognized and affluent hotel in Manuel Antonio that offers a balance of eco-sustainability without compromise for both adults and families alike. From it’s humble beginnings, Si Como No is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in 2013.

Another member of the Greentique brand is Villa Blanca – the gateway to Arenal.

This luxurious hotel is nestled amongst the cloud forests of Costa Rica’s highlands. This is not your normal Costa Rica hotel experience whereas the “rooms” are actually what is called a casita – a small house done in traditional Costa Rican fashion that features a wood burning fireplace in each “casita”. Of the options to choose from that could be considered a Costa Rica airport hotel, Villa Blanca has been ranked #6 best hotel in Central America by Trip Advisor 2013.

For more information on the Greentique brand, visit their website at –



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