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Laser Hair Removal Costa Rica

Many people have head of the low cost medical and dental procedures in Costa Rica, but few know that beauty procedures here are also vastly cheaper than in the States. Laser Hair Removal in Costa Rica costs significantly less than in the States and can be done in just a few short visits. In fact, some laser hair removal procedures in the states costing upwards of $2,000 can cost as little as $350 in Costa Rica.

The laser hair removal procedure involves using a high wavelength light to damage hair follicles and keep them from growing back. This kind of treatment targets highly pigmented, or darker, hairs. Blonde, grey, and red hairs are sometimes more difficult to remove and may take a little longer to remove completely.

When opting in for a Costa Rica laser hair removal treatment, it is encouraged that you stay out of the sun for several weeks prior to your treatment, since and tan and darker skin can make the procedure quite difficult. Also, after treatment, exercise, jacuzzi tubbing, and tanning are not recommended for 24 hours.

As with most beauty procedures, small amounts of pain during laser hair removal are to be expected, especially if you are getting your hair removal in a sensitive area, such as the arm pits or bikini line. Most patients find the pain to be very little and easily bearable.

The dermatologists and doctors in charge of your laser hair removal treatment in Costa Rica are highly qualified and board certified to ensure your experience is as pain free and easy as possible.

If you are interested in receiving a laser hair removal treatment in Costa Rica, please contact us here for more information.

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