The Road Less Traveled - Living in Costa Rica

The Road Less Traveled

We have all heard about “the road less traveled” at our high school graduation speech. It has a similar meaning when talking about eco-tourism. Here in Costa Rica in the last 15 years the road less traveled has become the road often traveled. You can find many of these “roads less traveled” now filled with nice restaurants, Burger Kings, and names you will be familiar with.

Here at Costa Rica Vacations we can offer you the best of both. We have explored every inch of Costa Rica allowing us to offer backroad adventures where we can spend the entire week backcountry camping and being on the roads less traveled. Don’t let this scare you though much of our market is just offering a unique private adventure for those looking for personalized service with a small taste of the road less traveled through different spots we know along the way.

Join us in designing an itinerary that has you exploring some of Costa Rica’s most hidden corners that have yet to be discovered! Believe us when we say there is still plenty out there yet to be discovered by tourists in Costa Rica.


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