Drug Alcohol Detox Treatment Programs in Costa Rica

Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment Programs in Costa Rica

Alcohol dependence and drug addiction continues to be major public health problem, an among its many associated medical problems is the danger of alcohol withdrawal syndrome or cold turkey withdrawals. Alcohol withdrawal signs and symptoms are frequently minor but can develop into a severe, even fatal, conditions. Because of its medical risks alcohol dependence is seen frequently by physicians, occurring in 15-20% of primary care and hospitalized patients. Costa Rica drug alcohol detox treatmentprograms are the primary care centers for detox, discontinuation symptoms, and withdrawal management after these post-acute withdrawal treatments.

Physicians in all areas of medicine therefore frequently encounter the trouble of managing alcohol withdrawal, particularly as medical encounters such as hospital admission or pregnancy, are often a precipitating event for the cessation of alcohol consumption. In recent decades there has been extensive research on pharmacologic interventions aimed at ameliorating alcohol withdrawal there has not been a consensus of opinion amongst the medical community on the exact detox methods needed for addicted or alcohol dependent patients. Costa Rica Recovery is a drug addiction treatment and alcohol recovery center in Rohrmoser, Costa Rica which specializes in alcohol detox treatment and drug prescription cessation symptom management. Years of experience with hundreds of detox patients and therapy programs have provided rehab patients with the best care in Central America at substantially lower prices than their equal treatment centers in the USA or Europe.

Significant differences in medical management of alcohol withdrawal has been documented, even among specialists in the field, with a wide range in choice of medication, approaches to medication delivery and method of patient monitoring varies greatly. Given the frequency in which drug alcohol addiction withdrawal symptoms is encountered by physicians and the variation in the way it is managed, it is imperative that you have quality medical care and professional detox management. It literally can be the difference between life and death in certain withdrawal situations. Costa Rica Recovery is the professionals choice for alcohol detox rehab and drug addiction detoxification treatment in Cental America. Costa Rica Recovery has patients fly in from all around the world to stay in their residential treatment recovery program.

If you or a family member are looking for a professional, low cost residential drug rehab program and/or alcohol detox treatment center with a dual diagnosis treatment program please call 866-804-1793 or click here for Costa Rica drug rehab information site or go to http://www.costaricarecovery.net or call using their toll free number 866-804-1793

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