Costa Rica – Osa Penninsula

Relax in the Costa Rica Osa PenninsulaOn the Southern-most tip of Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula juts out into the Pacific Ocean. The epic journey to get to this isolated paradise is characterized by tiny airports, rough roads, and river boats that pass families of fisherman, sunning crocodiles, and miles of untainted forest.

Our narrator is an observant and humorous fellow who tells his story with ease, grace, and some truly fantastic analogies. The pristine natural rain forest is teeming with toucans, sloths, and monkeys, and our narrator is loving every minute of it! Join him as he explores his eco-lounge hotel from top to bottom like a curious kitten. Voyage with him to Costa Rica’s Isla de Cano, a stunning, almost virginal island full of uninhabited beaches, bubbling hot springs, and ocean water so calm and flat, it could be a ballroom dance floor.

See whales, dolphins, and sharks. The Osa Peninsula is so clean and pure, it certainly represents the true meaning of “pura vida.” This place is the perfect escape from overbearing civilization and into the wild green and blue beauty that is Costa Rica.

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