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The workweek is wrapping up, so it’s time for our Weekly Round-Up, filled with our favorite news stories from around the world. What has this week brought us? Read on to find out!

We are witnessing a change in our Earth as temperatures rise. Read on to discover how the warming Arctic could be benefiting one European company. We’ve also found the best job offer ever! You’ll just have to move to the Maldives. We also have the best destination for thrifty travelers this fall and some tips on how you can travel the world for less.

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As Temperatures Rise, Shipping Costs Drop

Once considered inhospitable, the Arctic may soon be the latest route for the world’s largest container line. Maersk hopes to burn through the Northern Sea Route as temperatures rise in the Arctic.

The Denmark company plans to test out a trip on or around September 1 of this year to see if the route is feasible. This trip could be a turning point for shipping in the future. Previously, conditions were too harsh for the liners to pass, but over the past ten years, international shipping companies have thought about exploring the area. If the area is accessible, shipping could be faster and less expensive.

We have seen some major changes happening to our planet in regards to climate. What’s the craziest change you’ve witnessed?


Europe on a DIme

Summer is due to end and autumn is just around the corner. You may be looking for a great getaway during the lower temperatures before the holidays take over. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive.

According to the Post Office Travel Money “City Costs Barometer,” Belgrade could be the European trip for you. The Serbian capital is the least expensive in Europe for a fall weekend trip. To get to Belgrade, you could pay as little as $192, and just $42 for a dinner for two.

If Belgrade isn’t for you, Krakow, Poland, took second place and Vilnius, Lithuania, took third.


Calling All Bookworms!

Do you want to explore the world but can’t get your nose out of a book? How would you like to share your love of books with visitors on a tropical island? You can with the Ultimate Library.

The Ultimately Library, founded by Philip Blackwell, is choosing lucky book lovers to work in the Maldives to manage a bookstore in the Soneva Fushi, a luxury resort. Blackwell is looking for creative, inspiring individuals looking to share their love of reading with visitors on vacation.

Books in the store include reads about the local environment and other titles that could interest celebrity guests and wealthy travelers.

Along with managing the bookstore, the lucky chosen will be asked to teach creative writing classes, engage with children, and write a blog that captures the life of an island bookseller.

If you didn’t think a dream job existed, think again.


On a Budget?

Speaking of inexpensive European travel, Primera Airline may be your best bet for your next trip. The Budget airline has announced new routes and some $149 fares.

Trips to Brussels from Boston, Newark Liberty, and Washington Dulles have been announced starting in May 2019 and June 2019. Primera Air will also fly to London and Paris from these same cities.Consumer Resource Guide

Along with the three new routes, new flights to European cities will begin at $149 one-way from selected U.S. cities.

Travel is for everyone. Many people believe that travel is expensive and only for those who are wealthy. Don’t let that mindset ruin your dreams! With discount airline and digital nomad opportunities around the world, no one should be limited to their own backyard.

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