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Today, we continue our focus on asset protection with part-four of Mikkel Thorup’s Asset Protection Series, catch you up on interesting news stories from around the world, and keep you in the loop about the June Escape Artist Conference.

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Asset Protection Featured Article:

This week, we are featuring part-four of Mikkel Thorup’s asset protection series. For more information on asset protection, find details about our upcoming conference below!

Offshore Trusts: A Guide to Asset Protection Strategies – Part 4

Growing your wealth is not that difficult. You just have to cut back your expenses, save, and invest wisely.

The challenging part is keeping the accumulated wealth in the coffers.

Creditors, litigators, and the government are just some of the threats to your assets. If given the chance, they will try to squeeze every penny from your bank account.

That’s why you need to have strong asset protection strategies in place. Crafting effective asset protection strategies are important to preserve as much of your estate as possible for you and your heirs down the road.

An effective asset protection strategy will help you withstand and stay aloft during a financial storm. Asset protection strategies are created to protect your personal and business wealth from risks such as lawsuits, claims, bankruptcy, and divorce proceedings.

No matter what industry you belong to, you need to… Read more.



News from Around the World:

Here are some of my favorite stories I found this week. I’m always interested in the new types of housing that developers are coming up with. This week, I found two very unique dwellings! Also, find out which country is starting a new city for investors around the world!

Get Off the Grid and Get into a Bubble

Are you tired of the same old vacation destinations? Sometimes getting away should truly mean getting away! On your next trip, I challenge you to go off the grid and really see what the world has to offer.

In the Indian Ocean sits La Reunion Island, where visitors can go off-grid with the “Like Nowhere Else on Earth” experience by Off The Map Travel. During this trip, guests will stay overnight in a see-through glass bubble. The dwelling is completely surrounded by picturesque wilderness!

The island is home to volcanoes, jungle landscape, and clear, starlit night skies.

Bubble hotels are an experience that is growing in popularity, perfect for the traveler who is looking for non-traditional accommodations. Will you pop your comfort bubble and try something new this year?


What Floats Your Boat?

Are bubble hotels not your thing? Why not try a floating vacation home? Blue World Voyages cruise line offers vacation residences that are on board a ship! This is the perfect dwelling for those who just cannot decide where they want to have their vacation house!

The first ship with homes will launch next year with 24 one and two-bedroom homes that house 350 guests. The cruises will offer trips around the Mediterranean, England, Ireland, Scotland, and the coast of South America.

Not only will guests enjoy the beautiful seas, but the ships also offer two decks devoted to sports, wellness, and health.

Prices start at $2.4 million for one of these revolutionary homes.


A City from Scratch

In hopes of attracting foreign investors, India is building a new city. The goal is for the city to beat out financial centers such as Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong. The new financial metropolis is being built in Gujarat, where there is now a small collection of buildings.

The city, named Gujarat International Finance-Tec City, or GIFT City, has two stock exchanges that were established last year. Additionally, trading in GIFT City is nearly tax-free, following government exemptions!

The next step is getting individuals to live there. The city is working on residences and a trade center that will join the office buildings, school, and data center that are currently there.

Would you invest in a brand new city?


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It’s a popular place for offshore banking and investing, so much so that many decide to retire or move to Belize. There are so many beautiful locations in Belize that it can be difficult to decide where in this fascinating country you should call home.

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Medoza, Argentina: A Haven for Wine Tourism

You may have heard it referred to as enotourism, oenotourisme, or vinitourism, but in the end, it’s all about wine. Wine tourism involves traveling to other countries with the goal of discovering some of the world’s finest wines. If your trips abroad are centered on stopping at every vineyard or heading to the best restaurants to try their wine selections, you’ll be happy to know that Argentina is just your style. More specifically, Argentina’s Mendoza region is a wine tourist’s dream come true.


Wine Tourism in Mendoza

Mendoza is one of Argentina’s most visited regions. It is known for…

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