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Why Costa Rica is Perfect for Families?

If you are looking for your next family vacation you might want to consider Costa Rica. If you have not been to Costa Rica you probably know somebody that has been or somebody that has property in Costa Rica.

This small country in Central America has become one of the prime spots for families to visit during their vacation. What Costa Rica offers is an environment of extremely friendly people along with kid-friendly activities that allow everyone to enjoy some adventure and be surrounded by nature. We could go on for hours about the importance of getting your kids out into nature but we just want to emphasize here how kid-friendly Costa Rica has become.

Take for example the canyoneering adventure that allows you to rappel down different waterfalls in the middle of the rainforest. This was an adventure strictly for the extreme adventure crowd while now their is a canyoneering company in the Arenal area that can take kids of all ages allowing your 5 year old to take part in an adventure that will put him among the top adventure 5 year olds on the planet!

Also you can not think of Costa Rica without the famous zipline. Here you will find many different ziplines and plenty are kid-friendly. Not all ziplines are kid-friendly but if you know the right ones then you can guarantee a family outing for the entire family from ages 4 – 90!

Some other adventures that Costa Rica’s tourism industry has geared towards kids have been the surf lessons and whitewater rafting. Costa Rica is known on a worldly level for the waves you can find on the over 800 miles of coastline. There are a number of places where your young ones can learn to surf small waves and almost always stand up on their first or second try. Along with surfing is the whitewater rafting. In a country that is made of mountains and rain the rafting is some of the finest on Earth. There is a river for everyone. Be it the crazy uncle who has not given up kayaking on class VI rapids or the little 5 year old nephew who is looking to get wet but stay in the boat. Costa Rica whitewater rafting can cater to rafters of all levels and sizes.

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