Where to Visit in 2017

Travel trends have always changed over time. Around the year 1800, the trend was to be heading west overland across North America, probably in a roughshod wagon, dying of dysentery, and hunted by wolves or native tribes. Fast forward to 2017. We now have trends in travel that emerge each year, just as fashion trends do. 2016 was a very trendy year for retirees to travel to the Caribbean. And while next year’s trend, as defined by your travel information website of choice, may be something altogether different, the statistics for travel to the Caribbean show that while it may have gotten a little hipper to do so in 2016, the actual trend of people travelling there is not slowing down.

So what will be trending in 2017? For starters, you can read about how solo travel [link to solo travel article] will be highly talked about in 2017. Some 67% percent of Canadians who plan to take a vacation in 2017 reported they would head out alone.

Another trend that is expected to rise in the coming year is independent travel. That means less agency involvement, less rigid plans, and more spontaneous, self-guided trips. Baby boomers are retiring at a steady rate. They have the time and means for travel, and they make up one of the largest profiles of today’s international traveler. And thanks to smartphones and the world wide web, it has already become easier than it ever was for an individual, couple, or even group of friends to pick a destination and go. Be your own travel agent as you hunt for the absolute best deal with airfare apps and websites. Book your own rooms wherever and for however long you please. Need a translator? There’s an app for that. You get the idea.

That same baby boomer demographic is also seeking more immersive, meaningful experiences as they live out their retirement years globetrotting. It’s not just hotels, shopping, and entertainment anymore. It’s becoming increasingly popular to really dig into local culture, exploring on foot, and just meeting ordinary folks. This brings a real sense of accomplishment if you can bring yourself to accept the adventure. You may just find yourself in a place that you could not have even imagined, with new friends to give your trip a personal feel. Try real homemade dishes and experience local cuisines, not necessarily just hyped-up restaurants that are only there to serve tourists in the first place.

How could I not mention social media? Instagram has been steadily expanding its reaches ever since it debuted just a few years ago. It is one of the most powerful social media sites on the web now, and incredibly easy to use. It’s fun too. See how many followers you can get as you snapshot your travels for the world to see. You might even discover some cool hashtags that lead you to find like-minded people who may be travelling to the same places. There are endless possibilities!

Whatever the trend, 2017 will be a year of even more travelling for baby boomer retirees and generations of any age group. Airlines are consistently booking more and more flights to destinations worldwide, and that’s helping to keep prices steady too. Where will you go in 2017? Need a suggestion? Here you go.