Visit the Vegas of the UK with a Trip to Blackpool

Travelers who love the excitement and thrill of the gambling world in Vegas shouldn’t miss out on the chance to visit Blackpool during a trip to the UK. While you can enjoy the countryside and the picturesque beauty of nature, England is becoming popular among locals and foreigners for its own version of Las Vegas. Similar to the gaming industry of the U.S., the UK casino players are not subject to a Background check, but licensed casinos have the right to ask for proper identity verification, especially if it is clearly stated in the company’s Terms and Conditions – or another option would be to register a 3rd party verification system.

There is confusion among local players, since the government does not really impose photo IDs among its citizens. However, this is not the case for foreigners like you who are trying to get a taste of the gambling world of the UK. This should not be a problem, however, since it’s a standard rule of thumb for travelers anywhere in the world to bring proper ID when they travel.

The Many Facets of Blackpool

Blackpool perfectly showcases what would be considered the quirkiness of the Englishmen. Contrary to the usual greenery and mountain views, Blackpool lies on the northwest of England’s coast. You don’t need to wait for summer to enjoy the sandy beach, the seaside air, the nightlife, and the gambling here in the UK. What makes Blackpool an attraction pit for travelers is it offers more than what you can expect.

People of all ages will find the perfect adventure and plenty of things to do with family while in Blackpool. Considered as the “archetypal British seaside resort,” it continuously hosts an influx of tourists from across the globe who are waiting to try everything the resort can offer, including piers, public houses, donkey rides, fortune-tellers, theatres, trams, and the famous fish & chip shops.


The Pleasure Beach: The Ultimate Amusement Park

The resort by the seaside provides a calming and soothing ambience for tourists who want to take a dip or stroll by the sea and bask in the sun along the shore with other locals and tourists. Blackpool is not exclusively just for people who want to play all night long in the casino. In fact, this is an all-in-one paradise and a perfect getaway with a wide scope of amenities Consumer Resource Guideand establishments perfect if you are traveling alone, with your partner, or with your family and kids.

The Pleasure Beach, as the name suggests, provides numerous fun and exciting activities, including the Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Zoo, Blackpool Illuminations, the Winter Gardens, and Sandcastle Water Park, among others. The beach is just a part of the massive expanse of the amusement-park-cum-seaside-resort. This is the surprise element for all foreign tourists as they find a complete amusement park within the resort. The park has been one of the most popular tourist attractions since 1986 when it was built – and through the years, millions have visited the park. It was voted as the 9th best park in the entire European continent, and the best theme park in the country in 2014 – included in the top 20 of the world’s most visited theme parks.

Blackpool has activities for both the young and young at heart, including a ride on what was once the world’s fastest and tallest roller coaster back in 1994.  The global record has been surpassed, but it still remains the tallest coaster in the UK. The Pleasure Beach is also home to one of the last two wooden roller coasters in the world and Nickelodeon Land, which is a must-try for kids. If you are not up for a daredevil adventure ride, you have a lot of other places to hang out. Or, you may opt to try the gentler but equally exciting rides, such as:

  • Derby Rider
  • Wallace & Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic
  • Ghost Train
  • Alice Ride
  • Valhalla
  • Grand National
  • The Big Dipper

No matter what you choose to do, Blackpool is the best place to go in the UK for both thrill and leisure-seekers. In all honesty, it probably has more gambling experience and amusement than Vegas can offer.

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