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Vanuatu second biggest Pacific tourist destination

Vanuatu is described as the second biggest Pacific tourist destination after New Caledoniavanuatu thongs

According to the executive director of Cruise Lines International Association Neil Linwood, in Daily Post today. He sees the hydrographic surveys being undertaken and electronic charts of island ports as important but stresses the need for Vanuatu’s infrastructure to be able to handle the frequency and size of the ships visiting. He recently ran a workshop for stakeholders at the Reserve Bank.

A recent trip to Vanuatu by Richard Butler, Project manager for Pacific haven resort Ltd can now confirm that in October 2014 a new wharf will commence construction as well as a joint-venture has been put together on one of the only vacant waterfront Lots coming off the main part of the commercial business district known as a Lini highway.island

We also confirm that we have been told that another large development has just received finance approval after first being released 2 to 3 years ago, the New Zealand government is providing $29 million for the upgrading of the seawall, the Australian government is providing $39 million for the upgrading of the roadworks in around the township of Port Villa and of course the new airport of $350 million investment by a Chinese Singaporean international company.

We can expect many new announcements over the next 12 months of development expenditure, such as new roads resorts joint ventures both in agriculture real estate and marine.

We would also would like to inform that the upgrading of the Bauer field international airport has started. As reported in the local press and the upgrading of the luoganville wharf at a cost of 58 million on Espirtito Santo island along with the upgrading of the Southern Road tar ceiling down past million dollar point, Palekula beach and Past the Santo Golf club Linking up with the already completed Tar sealed road to Hogg harbour The fabulous tourist drive that were funded by the American millennium fund at a cost of in excess of 120 million and finished in the last 24 months.

It’s recently been reported in the local press that the government is acquiring land adjoining the Malekula Island Norsup airport.malekula province map

With construction started of a coastal road running around the top of Malekula Island and down the western side of the island. This has been funded with a loan from the Chinese government and also includes the upgrading of concrete loading wharf’s to assist in the export of agriculture .

The tourist number projections are that over 1 million day visitors will be walking the streets of Port Vila within 24 months just from the South Pacific cruises with the new wharfs being completed we should be able to have up to 3 cruise boats and port the same time. Secondly, with the new International airport projections from the developers is in excess of 1 million within the next couple of years ,we about to see a building boom. It should take than move the country to the number one position in the South Pacific for international tourists.aeroplane

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