Tyron Giuliani – Interviewed by Mikkel Thorup

LinkedIn Lead Generation. The Value Vomit. The Importance of Coaching.

As an Australian Expat living in Japan for the last 19 years, Tyron Giuliani has built two businesses from scratch that do in excess of 7 figures a year.


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Tyron Giuliani & Mikkel Thorup discuss in detail LinkedIn Lead Generation; Who to Work With; What is the Value Vomit?; and the importance of coaching, among other ideas and concepts.

They talk about valuable statistics like 30% of the world’s business people are on Linkedin. With  Microsoft purchasing LinkedIn for $26 Billion and then having it integrated it into their ecosystem, those numbers are only going to increase dramatically.  Let’s watch over the next few years to see how it grows.

Microsoft has a billion people using their software.  With Linkedin, you can add another Five hundred million.  Your business gets integrated into every aspect of the process.   When you do a sales call to these people from Linkedin, it’s no longer a cold lead, it’s a warm lead.  You have all of their data available without doing any work.  It’s a brilliant concept.


Great Books

In this episode with Tyron Giuliani, many great books are discussed.  Here are a few examples:

Websites discussed were:  Clickfunnels and Rescue Time

If you enjoyed this interview with Tyron Giuliani, here is the best way to reach him: www.linkedin.com/in/linkedcoaching


If you’ve ever wondered if LinkedIn was the way to go with your business, please listen into this episode to hear Tyron Giuliani and Mikkel Thorup help to convince you that it certainly is the way to go, and will just become a more powerful tool in the future.  Warm leads are always better than cold ones!


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