How Trivioke Made San Pedro Feel Like Home

While living in Belize, I look to try new things and have as many unique experiences as I can on the weekends. There is a plethora of restaurants to try, beaches to lie on, and boats to fish off of. Ambergris Caye, Belize, offers an activity for any kind of vacationer and retired expatriate.

I have, however, fallen into a bit of a pattern for my Friday nights. At 7 o’clock, Crazy Canucks hosts Trivioke: trivia followed by karaoke.

I have a soft spot in my heart for trivia. It’s one of the only activities where I can learn and drink at the same time. It’s like college all over again.

Trivia was the first taste I had of San Pedro’s long weekend activities list. After our first week of being in Ambergris, my friend and I were in need of a cold beverage and some food. We walked next door to Crazy Canucks for the first time as patrons with a new friend of ours. We were excited to see groups of people gathering, readying themselves for trivia.

We found a team consisting of ourselves and two people we met earlier that day who happened to be there at the same time. We picked a team name, gave our $5 BZD each, and the questions began. Rob, the owner of the beach bar and trivia MC, said all of the money made from the entry fee is donated to ACES Elementary School.

How Trivioke Made San Pedro Feel Like Home

He makes the event more than just a trivia competition. With his high energy jokes and quick comebacks, the game is hilarious, fast paced, and entertaining. Rob also has a few extra rules. First, if he hears a team member yelling out a correct answer, that team must donate an extra $20.

Next, if your team earns the least amount of points in a round, the whole team must take a shot of Rob’s choosing. It’s usually a fruity mixed drink. My friend and I like to say that we’d prefer to donate our shots to the kids.

My friend and I have made this our weekly Friday night hangout. Not only do we get to flex our brain muscles, we’ve met a lot of great people. We will usually show up with just the two of us, and Rob will find us two other people for our team. We’ve met some interesting people from all over the U.S. and Canada. I love to talk to them and hear about how they ended up in Belize.

Our new friends are always happy to hear that we are recent college grads, but I always warn them that if the questions aren’t about pop culture, movies, or the Real Housewives, I’m not going to be able to help out too much. My friend covers world geography and politics. Other than that, we’ll need to rely on our teammates.

The game itself consists of four rounds. The first three rounds consist of seven questions, each within a category. The categories range from “T is for Trump,” in which all of the answers begin with the letter “T”, to country capitals.

The final round is a speed round where the teams have two minutes to write down as many answers as they can on a topic. This is my favorite round, personally. My heart begins to race and my innate competitive side starts to creep up. Sloane, the designated scribe, begins to number the page. Our teammates are usually shocked to see her number the whole page, but we assure them that we do not take the speed round lightly.

We use the final round as a way to make up for a round we didn’t do so well in. The last round is always pretty easy with topics such as trees, Broadway musicals, and five-letter words. One round was Beatles songs, which delighted our whole team. It turns out we were all avid Beatles fans. We tied for first that night. We lost the tiebreaker because we didn’t know how many zeros were in what sounded like a made up number.

We’ve become pretty skilled at the game, usually ranking in the top five scores. Regardless of how well we do, the people we meet and the fun of playing the game is what matters to us.

The winning team has the option to take home half of the earnings from the entry fee, or donate it to the school. I have yet to see someone take the money. Everyone is there for the game, and it feels good to help out the school.

After trivia wraps up, karaoke starts. I thank Japan for the art of Karaoke every time I hear tipsy middle-aged men sing “Wagon Wheel.” I love seeing how signing along to your favorite songs can bring a group of strangers together.

People take their karaoke seriously here. I took my stab at “Drift Away” by Uncle Kracker, and I had the mic taken from my hands by a woman named Lucy who had the voice of an angel. I couldn’t even be mad.

Having a place to go every week and see familiar faces makes me a little less homesick. Crazy Canucks provides a community for everyone to gather, kick back, drink a beer, and have fun. When I arrive on a Friday, I say hi to my friends I’ve made in my month and a half here, and I feel at home.

Crazy Canucks has activities planned for most days of the week. On Tuesdays, it is home to hermit crab races, another crowd pleasing event.

How Trivioke Made San Pedro Feel Like Home

Sunday Funday is another big event for the bar. Live music and day drinking never gets old.

How Trivioke Made San Pedro Feel Like Home