Top Travel Hacks for Doing Any City on a Budget

Don’t listen to what anyone says, you can visit any city in the world and do it on a budget that suits you.

Of course, the price of your flights may dictate where you can or can’t visit, but everything else can be done as cheaply or as expensive as you want. From eating to drinking and even checking out the sights, here are our top tips on how to keep your trip to any city on a strict budget…

Choose Hostels over Hotels

Probably not a piece of advice you really need, but a hostel can work out much cheaper than a hotel, and for the most part, the facilities are much better than hotelling for next to nothing in cost.

Many hostels have private rooms and bathrooms to enjoy, rather than the 12-bed dorms you’d traditionally associate with hostelling – so if that’s what has been putting you off, it really doesn’t have to. You can have all the privacy and amenities of a hotel without the hefty price tag.

There really are some stunning hostels in the most desirable cities throughout the world – and many are now eco-friendly hostels too!

Budget Eating

If you really want the flavour of a city, then you’ll certainly find it in the budget eats. The average Berliner won’t be dining in a Michelin starred restaurant, they’ll be grabbing a bratwurst and a stein from a stall on the street.

And that happens all over the world. Eating like a local is much cheaper and you’ll often find some vibrant areas and cool food markets that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

You’ll find plenty of information online on where to grab a budget bite, and it’s well worth checking out before you go to plan out a few meals.

Opening Times & Prices

Many sites, particularly galleries, will have times of the week when they’re free to enter. Naturally, these will be the busier periods, but if you’re sticking to a tight budget, it will save you a good chunk of money.

On top of that, you may look to buy a citypass of some sort. Many cities have cards and passes available that will give you free entry or discounts to their most popular sites. You’ll also find places where you can queue jump. And who doesn’t like beating the crowds?

Think About Your Flights

Before you even head away, think about the time you’re traveling. Budget breaks are best taken out of season, and on major purchases such as flights and hotels, it can be worth using a credit card, both for your own security and even to enjoy the rewards that come with it.

You can earn air miles with a number of credit card providers, so while you may not necessarily save this time around, you certainly may on future flights! There are plenty of cards out there that offer this, and you can see here for more details.

For the most part though, it is a real moneysaver traveling during times of the year that don’t fall over school holidays and major events. The lower the demand for flights and hotels, the cheaper it will be. Simple.


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