Top Reasons to Make Malaysia Your Next Travel Destination

A melting pot of cultures – this is how many people would describe Malaysia. The country, located in Southeast Asia, always pops up when people discuss new and intricate travel destinations. Malaysia is a destination with plenty of adventures and attractions to offer – from modern cities to ancient colonies and secluded beaches, this destination has it all. Below are some common reasons people are so passionate about visiting the Philippines.

Incredible Cuisine

For foodies, Malaysia is one place that is definitely worth a visit. The food here is simply stunning. As the area is a melting pot for various cultures, naturally, the cuisine includes plenty of tastes, flavours, and techniques from all around the neighbouring regions. British colonial influences will also be found in the courses prepared here. And street food is certainly something that you have to try. Inexpensive, filling, and bursting with flavour – this is how Malaysia street food is usually described. Certain places around Malaysia are well-known for their abundance of high-quality food, while the prices are always maintained at affordable levels. These markets are visited by the locals on a daily basis to have their lunches and dinners. And while in this destination, do like the locals – you will certainly leave fully satisfied.

A Complex Architecture

Malaysian architecture is just as complicated and baffling as its history. You will find every architectural design in Malaysia, from shiny glass buildings to old, colonial houses. The bold and modern beautifully blends in with the old and traditional. From Malacca to Penang, no two cities or communities are the same, and this can offer quite an interesting perspective for the foreign visitor reaching this destination for the first time in their life. Get your visa for Malaysia, because you’re in for a treat!

Extremely Friendly Locals

People from Malaysia might be some of the kindest strangers you will ever encounter – with high moral grounds, an impressive level of politeness, and a warm and welcoming attitude. If you want to make some friends during your travels, Malaysia is the best place to start! Malaysian people don’t have any sort of prejudices regarding race, gender, or cultural background. They are fully embracing of any sort of cultural differences, maybe because of their religion or because of the fact that the region itself is an intricate mix of different cultures, religions, and races.

It’s Always Warm

Warm weather junkies will rejoice to hear that in Malaysia, there is always a warm climate. Beware, there are also daily rains, but after 15 minutes of those, every single trace of water is gone. This makes it incredibly hot. But this type of weather makes Malaysia one of the greenest regions on the globe. If you’re searching for warm weather and a green corner, Malaysia has that for you!

It Has Deep Chinese Influences

Malaysia has been deeply influenced by various cultures from all around the world but was mainly influenced by the Chinese. Malaysia was colonized by the Chinese in the past, and due to its proximity to the country, the Chinese domination is still present in the cuisine and numerous Chinatowns all around the area. The largest, which tourists are keen on visiting, is obviously George Town. Here, you can enjoy the architectural beauties, such as the 200-year-old Kuan Yin Teng Temple, but also the street food fairs which take over the city each night. The local street food is, once again, something tourists really enjoy and appreciate.

Tea Plantations are Breathtaking

Tea lovers are especially thrilled at the thought of visiting one of the largest tea plantations in the world. The Cameron Highlands might host one of the most appreciated and visited tea plantations on the planet, and tourists are flocking here because of the incredible views and the cool temperatures. Sip some tea from the Cameron Highlands, visit the smaller plantations on the vicinity, or even enjoy some hiking sessions in the area. It’s all worth it, and this will leave you with a lasting impression. Plus, the locals are friendly and always willing to guide tourists in the area.

There are plenty of reasons for which one might want to visit Malaysia at least once in their lifetime. From stunning food to plenty of hiking opportunities and an intricate cultural mix, this region has it all! An intricate mix of old and new, of traditional settlements and big metropolis, all make Malaysia a destination that has to be at the top of your travel list. Book your flight, get your visa, and come to discover this place for yourself!

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