Top 10 Places to Visit in India in 2018

The Indian subcontinent is a land filled with various colors and a rich cultural heritage that amazes visitors with its splendor. Having visited India, every traveler can taste all the flavors of this extraordinary country and see its incredibly beautiful landscapes. For those who want to find spiritual harmony, India is the best place to visit. This country will always remain in the heart of the traveler! Below is a list of the top ten places in India that we highly recommend visiting.

1. Agra

Agra is the first on the list of the most visited. Agra is the birthplace of the Taj Mahal, one of the symbols of India, which is also considered a World Heritage site. The mausoleum of white marble is one of the most beautiful and romantic buildings in the world. It is rightfully considered to be a symbol of eternal love. Red Fort and the Tomb of Akbar the Great are also recommended for visiting.

2. Puducherry

An unusually calm and peaceful atmosphere reigns in Puducherry, which is located in southern India. Here one can feel the influence of the country’s long stay in the colonial regime, especially by the French. This place boasts a huge number of stunning buildings, churches, temples, and monuments. In addition, Puducherry is a coastal city that is famous for its beautiful and clean beaches. The legacy of the Gauls extends to some of the luxurious hotels and exquisite restaurants, which represent a rich culinary experience.

3. Auroville

Those who have already visited Puducherry should visit Auroville. Those who like to discover new exotic things, just like Julia Roberts in the famous movie Eat. Pray. Love. will understand that India is a perfect place for such a goal.

Auroville is a place where people of different nationalities live peacefully together. Its main symbol – Matrimandir is located in the center, surrounded by ancient gardens. The sight is truly amazing! Come here and see all the beauty with your own eyes.

4. Darjeeling

Darjeeling is ready to dispel the prevailing opinion about the subcontinent as a dry desert, overgrown with rare bushes. The land of Darjeeling is covered with greenery because tea has long been grown on its plantations. This is a truly magnificent place, one of the few beautiful corners of India in the eastern part of this large country.


5. Goa

Goa is a real hippie paradise. It is the smallest state in India and for a long time it has attracted those who are in search of spiritual harmony. Nevertheless, today a lot of people come here. The attraction of beautiful tropical beaches helps to preserve the status of one of the best places in India.

6. Mumbai

Mumbai, also known as Bombay, is an amazing city where you can find everything. Mumbai is very impressive and is an eclectic mix of colonial and urban style with a lot of abandoned shacks and slums. Every filmmaker should definitely visit Mumbai, as this is the birthplace of Indian cinematography. Moreover, the world’s largest film company IMAX is also located here. It is worth taking the time for shopping: we recommend that you go to one of the local bazaars, which are full of different colors and shades.

7. Kodai Lake

Kodaikanal (Kodai Lake) translates to “gift of the forest,” and it really is. The star-shaped lake, created by human hands, is located in the picturesque mountains of Western Ghats. Steep slopes, rocky surfaces, and waterfalls create an excellent place for mountain skiing, horse riding, and cycling. If we talk about a trip to the best places in India, then a visit to Lake Kodai must certainly be present in it.

8. Jinji

Among the thousands of small Indian villages, Jinji does not stand out with anything spectacular, but it is still worth talking about it in more detail. Above this village, there are three incredibly huge stone elevations which are an amazing fortress of Jinji. Having crossed 900 steps on the way to the summit, it is worth visiting the extremely interesting buildings of the 13th century. The whole sight is really breathtaking.

9. Kerala

Kerala is visited by many tourists and is, in fact, a chain of picturesque lagoons and lakes that is one of India’s most popular Consumer Resource Guidesights. Lakes are intertwined with lagoons on the coast of the Arabian Sea, dotted with small villages and floating houses, ready to welcome every traveler as a native. We recommend taking part in an amusing boat race in the Alappuzha area and joining those thousands of fans who enthusiastically participate in the competitions. About 100 oarsmen can fit in one such boat.

10. Shimla

It is impossible to go to India and not to visit the Himalayas – the mountains that have afflicted man for several centuries. In the northwest of the mountain range, you can find Shimla – another place deserving to be called one of the best in India. It is a popular mountain resort with neo-gothic buildings and forests. Tourists come here to enjoy the incredible views of Shimla, as well as to stroll through The Mall, the main shopping street and the city center. Here you can go to Jakhu Hill, a monkey temple, as well as visit the Church of Christ, which is the second oldest church in the north of India.

This is just a small overview of the amazing sights of India. This country is of interest to many tourists, and you should visit it to enjoy the beauty of its nature and culture.

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