Tom Augenthaler – Interviewed by Mikkel Thorup

Employee Amplification. Influencer Contracts. A Brain Trust


In this interview with Tom Augenthaler, we hear how he became a pioneer in the field of influence marketing and influencer contracts by joining one of the world’s first firms to specialize in this niche.

Tom Augenthaler helped raise brand awareness, displace competitors and market products and services. Tom has worked with Fortune 500 brands as well as small and medium businesses on hundreds of campaigns.

With his brand tactics, Tom Augenthaler has been able to increase product sales by millions of dollars while working with thousands of influencers and conceived, organized and executed multi-million dollar campaigns and programs.

You can find Tom Augenthaler at:


On his Facebook group at Influencer Marketing (for Badasses)


In this Episode we discuss:

  • A Brian Trust
  • Employee Amplification
  • Judicious Course Taking
  • Influencer Contracts
  • And so much more!


Top Influencers Discussed:


Great Books:

Timothy Ferriss:  The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich Hardcover



After listening to this episode with Tom Augenthaler, it will help you to understand what Influencer Marketing is all about.  What you should and should not be doing in regards to influencer contracts.

Working with influencers is part of a strategy that all businesses should be looking towards.  Try not to count on only one stream of traffic to your business. Hence, Influencer marketing is another way you can add to your pipeline.  As mentioned, make sure your influencer contracts are clearly laid out so both parties are protected and are clear of what is to be expected.