Tips on Emergency Healthcare When Overseas

While planning for a vacation, you often overlook the untoward incidents that can turn your happy experience into an unpleasant one. One such factor is emergency healthcare when overseas.

This brings us to the question: Are you ready to handle such a problem? If you cannot respond with an immediate “yes,” you’re certainly in a 50-50 state.

To help you plan a foolproof and happy vacation, we have rounded up 7 beneficial tips for emergency healthcare when overseas.

Better Safe Than Sorry

No one imagines facing a serious medical condition while on a vacation. However, there are always some odds at play.

For instance, you may become a victim of accidents or other medical emergencies that come with unexpected medical costs. If you’re not fully prepared, these emergencies can even cost you your life.

One cannot completely avert these situations, but here’s how you can stay prepared.

  1. Get a Full-Body Check-Up

Before you set your sails for an exciting vacation, make sure you are healthy and fit. Get a full-body check-up done to ensure you will be fine during the trip.

If there will be substantial changes in your surrounding environment, convey it to your doctor. Your medical expert can advise you on some health care tips to adjust to the new climate.

  1. Install Some Emergency Apps

After you get a heads up from your doctor, it’s time to be technologically backed. There will be times when you might be traveling at odd hours. And, at those times locating the nearest healthcare facility might not be easy.

Your smartphone to the rescue!

Install emergency medical apps that provide features like locating emergency services, assisting with first-aid help, facilitating communication in different languages, storing the medical history and data of your family of you.

Apps like TravelSmart, ICE can ease medical help even at peculiar hours.

  1. Invest in Travel Medical Insurance

Often people get confused in choosing the right type of insurance before traveling. Most people choose travel insurance considering it will cover medical benefits too.

However, most travel insurance only covers costs including travel delays, lost baggage, trip cancellation, missed commute, etc.

A travel medical insurance covers costs like unexpected medical costs, travel accident benefits, emergency medical evacuation services, emergency travel assistance services, etc.

So, make sure you choose the best travel health insurance that provides sufficient coverage for medical bills and transportation while traveling overseas.

  1. Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

It is important to know the emergency number of the country you are visiting. Most of the countries have different emergency numbers for calling the police, ambulance, or firefighters.

You must be familiar with these emergency numbers of the country you are visiting.

  1. Carry a Medical Memo

One of the most important steps while traveling abroad is to carry all your medical information with you. No, not the folders of reports and x-rays, but the necessary information that can help the attending doctor to treat you. Some of the key points that you should never miss include:

  • Your full name, address, and age.
  • Information about your drug allergies.
  • Your immediate emergency contact.
  • Your healthcare expert’s number (to know about your pre-existing conditions).
  • Insurance company’s contact number (to brief them the cost of treatment).
  • Your prescription drugs and, if possible, the common name of prescribed medications

Other than this, keep your medications with you in their original, labeled packaging. Also, know about the local healthcare facilities to cut-short your travel time of reaching them.

  1. Look for Travel Alerts

In many countries, it is mandatory for foreign visitors to carry an International Certificate of Vaccination. This certification, also known as a yellow card, acts as a proof that the visitors have taken certain medical tests before visiting or transiting their country. And, that they are immune now.

So, before you travel, always make sure to check the country travel alerts. If ever in doubt, contact the embassy of the country to inquire about their current entry requirements.

  1. Be a Part of International Medical Service

It is another best option to plan a fool-proof healthy trip abroad.

By joining the International Medical Service network, you can call for medical assistance anytime and anywhere. The organization will arrange emergency help and will connect you with of English-speaking physicians and health professionals. Besides, they will also make house calls to your hotel informing about your condition at a reasonable fee.

So, when you plan your trip keeping in consideration the above-mentioned emergency healthcare tips, you will be able to enjoy without worrying.

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