Tips and Facts You Need to Know About Bucharest Nightlife

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is a big urban center where you will be able to enjoy a fascinating nightlife thanks to the numerous local pubs, bars, and nightclubs which are scattered across the city. In fact, Bucharest is slowly becoming one of the primary party capitals of Eastern Europe and attracts lots of tourists throughout the year, especially the young hip generations. In this article, we will shed some light on the perks of the exciting nightlife in Bucharest and everything it has to offer.

Pubs and Bars

It is a fact that Romanians like to have fun and enjoy themselves to the fullest whenever possible. The local pubs and pubs in the city are the primary locations where individuals throng in huge numbers and spend their leisure time drinking and chilling with their loved ones.

One of the most well-known places to hang out is the Freddo Bar situated in Old town. You will also come across the reputed Old City Bar in the Lipscani region, which is mainly visited by the locals. On the other hand, students prefer going to Club A at Blãnari Street where they have access to inexpensive drinks and live music as well. However, the visitors tend to go to the Club Piranha located in the Regie region to enjoy an afternoon drink given that it boasts comfortable surroundings along with a fish pond – which is extremely refreshing during summer.

Expensive Trendy Bars

These sophisticated and comparatively expensive bars are ideal for young couples who like to go out on a date after enjoying a scrumptious meal. These bars offer a romantic and passionate setting where one can enjoy cocktails with his or her partner.

One such location happens to be the famous Victoria Bar situated within the Grand Hotel Continental. Other chic places to hang out will be the Salt Restaurant located at Parc, which houses an excellent lakeside eatery during the daytime. And after sunset, it transforms into a sophisticated club where the affluent individuals assemble together to spend their time in the best possible way. On top of this, one needs to adhere to trendy dress codes so as to impress others while visiting this particular club. Here you’ll come across tables where the water flows underneath the glass floor and there is also a relaxing pool out there at everyone’s convenience.


There is no doubt that Bucharest is a busy and bustling city. Here you’ll find lots of restaurants serving recipes from all parts of the world to satisfy your taste buds, especially in case you happen to be a food enthusiast. Restaurants like Noa Restoclub, Bistro GUXT, Blue Margarita, Texas BBQ, Burger Van Bistro deserve special mention, and then some!


The “heart” of enjoyment in Bucharest is located at the old city center where one will be able to select from numerous partying establishments every Friday and Saturday night. You’ll be hearing live music from the nightclubs which are crammed up along the narrow streets right from 11 PM onwards. Individuals in Romania party till the wee hours often up to even 4 to 5 AM, and you will come across folks heading home after an intriguing all-night fiesta.

While some of these clubs will be asking for a small entrance fee, others are absolutely free of charge. Bear in mind that some provide free access only to women. However, entrance is not that expensive in the old city center where the fee is usually below 5 Euros. Moreover, you need not stand in long queues while entering into one of these nightclubs; you are free to go in and out as you please.Consumer Resource Guide

The drinks available at these nightclubs are not that costly at all. A bottle of beer can cost you somewhere between 2 and 4 Euros. Moreover, you’ll be able to purchase a cocktail for approximately 5 Euros. In case you are in Bucharest and do not have any Romanian friends to guide you, it would be sensible to go to the old town center and party right there. This area happens to be the safest zone at night since it is swarmed by tourists even after midnight. However, if you’re accompanied by several Romanian people, then you prepare to explore other clubs in Bucharest like royalty.

Of all the clubs in Bucharest, Nomad, Bamboo, Control, Goblin, Mojo Club, El Dictator, Fire Club, and Iron City happen to be the ones which attract the largest number of tourists. Here you will be able to listen to live music which ranges from metal rock and folk to electronic dance music and rave. Just remember to chill out in between your dancing sessions with some spectacular cocktails that are offered in the majority of these nightclubs. Get your groove on!

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