There’s More to Young Professionals Than Meets the Eye

Our research has shown that within the category Young Professionals, there are sub-categories that exist. These categories are based on the needs of young professionals at various stages in their lives. Each stage is marked by young professionals who prioritize their interests ranging from social to financial and life events. As cohorts within a cohort, young professionals share similar interests amongst the vast population of young professionals.

Early-Stage Young Professionals

Beginning with the early-stage young professional as we define them, recent college graduates have needs that are very different from that of their older cohort members. Early-stage young professionals, are usually 20-25 years of age, and focused on entering the workforce. Their immediate needs include making friends when they leave college or move into a new city, understanding the workforce and what it means to be employed and finally, managing their budget. Managing their budget is significant as it includes repaying student loans, balancing a budget for the first time, while purchasing the things that form their new identity and help them gain a sense of comfort as they begin their life as professionals.

Mid-Level Young Professionals

The second stage is the mid-level young professional. These young professionals have made friends, but are eager to gain experience in the workforce. Not necessarily wanting to become entrepreneurs, these mid-level professionals are searching for their passion and focused on identifying and trying new jobs, careers or cities to gain experience. They are in the experimental-phase of their careers and usually don’t consider it risky to jump from one job to another. These young professionals are happy to return to school if it means discovering which career will make them happier than the last, and often pursue MBAs at this point in their life. They are also ready to give back and volunteer or coach in their community. This represents a significant milestone as these young professionals start taking steps towards helping others rather than just themselves.

Settled Young Professionals

The third-stage young professional is settled. These young professionals have made a career choice and are happy with their selection. At times, they become settled because they’ve received a promotion. They’ve chosen a city to live in and have already made a significant purchase, indicating they are responsible professionals ready for the next stage. The next stage for these young professionals is a life event. Whether this is purchasing a new condo, getting married, starting a life or starting a business on the side, these young professionals are finally ready for the next step in life, having achieved success in their current stage.

Later-Stage Young Professionals

Finally, the later-stage young professional is marked by uncertainty. At this point, most young professionals have experienced all three stages of being a young professional. They’ve explored the career field and experienced life as a young person establishing themselves in the workforce and the community. In this stage, young professionals aren’t always responsible for the life events they are involved in. Whether it’s changing or losing their job, getting divorced or even planning for retirement, young professionals in this stage are usually forced to re-invent themselves after years of establishing their identity. They have to re-establish relationships, become involved in new communities, search for new jobs or relocate to start-over. Young professionals in this category have difficult choices to make, but usually are eager to make these choices and get back to experiencing life.

In every stage of being a young professional, there is one constant that young professionals need and that’s support. Friendships, information, resources and overall guidance on how to be successful at each stage in life is the support they look for. Support also cannot just be a means of providing information today and nothing tomorrow. It has to be constant and regular, for you don’t always know if the stage you are in as a young professional today is the stage you will be in next month. An example of this constant support and community can be found in organizations like YoPro Global.

YoPro Global is an example of a community that caters to young professionals of all stages, first by connecting young professionals to each other for support, then providing information and resources as well as discounted services that make life and decisions easier for young professionals. In beta, YoPro Global plans to reach out to young professionals worldwide to establish a single community for young professionals to support each other’s successes as they learn, develop and grow.

Part of being a driven young professional is taking an opportunity to advance yourself personally, and professionally when the chance is presented to you. Visit to learn about a new opportunity to do just that.

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