The World is Too Beautiful to Stand Still

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Hello readers,              

This week, I want to focus on what makes this world beautiful. It is Valentine’s Day weekend, after all. Today, I have gathered stories about people all over the world enjoying the beauty of planet Earth.

Discover which country’s wonders are beginning to attract even more people, how you can be paid to tell your travel story, and what new festival is not only focused on what makes this world great but how we can keep it great!

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Let’s get into this week’s round-up!  


Welcoming Retirees With Open Arms

Are you trying to decide on your retirement destination? Many Americans are flocking to Costa Rica, and for good reason! The country has also witnessed an influx of other visitors as well.

For more than 30 years, Costa Rica has been welcoming retirees into the country, mostly from the United States. These expats enjoy living their later years in this warm and welcoming destination.

A new trend has found that retirees from Europe and eco-tourists from all over the world are now calling the country with lush rainforests, rivers, tropical beaches, and beautiful mountains their new home. North American retirees have paved the way for travelers from all over the world. The already warm and welcoming community of Costa Rica now has established expat groups, ready for more world travelers.


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Influence the World With Your Story

Anyone with a social media account is probably used to telling their stories and sharing pictures of their life. Imagine getting paid to do that. Southwest Airlines is making that come true with new positions of “storytellers” and “influencers” to create travel content for the well-known airline.

It won’t be an easy application, however. To apply, Instagram users must have at least 2,500 followers. Applicants will compete to win a prize of up to 12 round-trip tickets. Those hoping to win the prize will submit their best photos and captions that tell a compelling story. The top 10 applicants will then be challenged to post content based on an assignment given by Southwest.

If you are ready to share your story and explore the world, Southwest Airlines is accepting applications until February 24th.


Enjoy the World’s Splendor in Tulum

Already deemed one of the trendiest North American hot spots, Tulum is gearing up to attract even more visitors with a new festival dedicated to art, music, culture, and sustainability. Art With Me made its debut last year and returns this year from April 24-28.

The festival headlines musicians such as Bedouin, Jan Blomqvist, and The Band and will display art from creators like Keith Haring.

Beyond art and music, the festival will also focus on sustainability, wellness, food, and creating change. In fact, this year’s theme is “change with me,” with goals of “bringing awareness and solutions to the infrastructure and environmental challenges that Tulum faces with the mission of building a sustainable future.”

Attendees will enjoy music, art, workshops, and encourage sustainable practices while enjoying the indigenous culture of Tulum!


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This article was published in the Escape Artist Weekly Newsletter on February 15, 2019. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, please click here.