The USA’s Most Unusual Locations for the Ultimate Escape

When thinking about taking a trip to America, we tend to choose locations like New York City, Las Vegas, or Orlando and do all the usual tourist-centric activities those areas have to offer. However, sometimes we just need an escape that’s a little bit different, unique, and interesting to help take our minds off work and anything else that is playing on our thoughts. So, grab your American visa and your passport and start packing those cases, as we take you on a quick tour of some of the most unusual locations in USA.

Paramount Ranch  

Whether you are a dedicated horse lover or you just want a taste of “the old west,” the Paramount Ranch offers you the chance to feel as though you are in a real classic movie. This unique escape is situated in the Santa Monica Mountains, which are home to 2,700 acres of land that, as you can imagine, have incredible natural views. To arrive at this ranch, you will drive through the Western Town first, making you feel as though you are a star in a Hollywood golden age movie, before moving onto the ranch. This ranch has been the setting for many Hollywood films, including the science-fiction thriller, Westworld. With there being plenty of authentic activities for you to enjoy, including horseback riding, wildlife viewing and hiking, you won’t need to have any shoot outs during your escape!

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Have you ever thought about staying in a hotel underwater? This unusual lodge offers you an overnight stay that can only be experienced in a number of places around the world. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, which originated as a marine life research lab, is a truly memorable break from the average trip.  A night spent 30 feet underwater on the ocean floor makes for a wonderful night sleep, with an amazing and unforgettable view as you wake up to the sea creatures swimming just outside your room! What’s more, you can even have pizza delivered to you by divers!

Beagle’s Belly

Calling all dog lovers, visit the Dog Bark Park Inn in the rural area of Idaho, and stay in a giant beagle – yes, really. This is a perfect place for tired travellers, and for those who want to stay in one of the weirdest B&B’s in the world. Climb a ladder of stairs up to the belly of the beagle, to enjoy a dog-themed stay, with access to all you need, including a microwave, fridge, equipped bathroom and air conditioning, in addition to receiving a delicious breakfast in the morning.

Old SalemConsumer Resource Guide

Step into the past in North Carolina and visit the historic Moravian Village of Old Salem, which was settled by German immigrants in the 1700s. Explore the authentic village and learn about the history, whilst visiting the plentiful shops, bakeries, and gardens. The museum there will improve your knowledge about the culture, as actors dress up to teach you about the area’s heritage. Get involved with the workshops and tours, and even take the chance to see the vibrant Downtown Arts District.

These unusual, lesser-known locations in the USA will hopefully allow you to enjoy the ultimate escape, as you discover new and unique parts of America. Take yourself off the radar while you relax, and explore the weird and wonderful aspects of this diverse country.

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