The Ins and Outs of International Banking – Series Introduction

Greetings Escape Artist Readers,

We would like to announce that next week we will be launching a new series of articles detailing the world of international banking. Opening and maintaining a foreign bank account (or potentially even more than one) is one of the most effective ways of allowing our readers to achieve the things they care about, namely, to live, work, play, invest and retire abroad. We are going to breakdown all topics that one should know and consider when looking to bank offshore. This concept is certainly one that requires some explanation, and that is why we want to publish this series of articles, to better inform our readers on what we think is an excellent option for them to achieve their international-related goals.

Please stay tuned. Our articles will appear in the Asset Protection section on Escape Artist’s main page. Several of the articles will be exclusive to the Escape Artist newsletter. We encourage any one who has enjoyed our articles to join! We look forward to sharing all of this valuable information with you and the rest of the beloved Escape Artist reader base.

~Dan Wilhelm

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