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The French Lifestyle Defines France

The French Lifestyle Defines France

To the French everything is surrounded by their lifestyle. In a country where culture is a mix of old world charm and modern sophistication we find through this eclectic mix a lifestyle that is clearly only found in France.

Formally known as the French Republic, the country of France is located on the West of Europe and is bordered by the countries of Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Monaco and Italy. One of the most curious aspects about France as a country is that it possesses many lands overseas, as well as many islands, with territories in the Pacific,  Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Below, you will read a brief resume on the French nuances taken from an article that appeared on the france.escapeartist.com site titled “The French Lifestyle” .

These are a few of the unique qualities that define the French lifestyle:

  • Luxury and enjoyment are important to the French as is evident in their love of fashion and festivals. The French enjoy life and celebrate with music, entertaining and socializing.
  • Health and culture also play an important role in peoples’ everyday lives. Theater, cinema, restaurants, cafes, and architecture are evident in all cities throughout France.
  • The French take great pride in their love for the arts, food and culture (both modern and classical) that is imprinted on every French citizen.

uSwitch.com research shows that French people not only enjoy some of the lowest average retirement ages in the region, but they also have the longest life expectancy in the European region, no doubt thanks (at least in part) to the French investment in healthcare, which is the highest in Europe as well.

The identity of the French people is a very important aspect of their culture which includes:

  • Their proof of parentage
  • Residence
  • A person of true French origin shares Gallic and Frankish backgrounds
  • The French language.



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