The Color Run

The cheering started at about 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning just down the street from our home.  Plumes of green ”smoke” were rising into the air .  We had no idea what was happening.  Had the ”War of the Worlds” really begun ?  Were the Martians landing ? No,  the ”Color Run” had come to Medellin.

Some people call the  ”Color Run™”, the ‘Happiest 5k on the Planet’. It is probably the most unique 5k race that one has ever seen. It debuted  in January 2012 and now has over 100 events in the United States and more around the world. In Colombia, the first event was held on Sept. 1 in Medellin and over 10,000 people were involved. Runs were also organized in Cali and in Bogota.

It is not about the race as it is untimed. A large percent of participants are first time 5K runners.  It is more about the having a good time and being involved.  All ages, from 2 to 80 are invited to participate. it seems that there are only two rules. Wear white to begin and finish doused in colors. It seems more like a ”Rainbow Run”. I, in fact had to run because the exuberant runners wanted to share their new shade of green with me. They were shouting ”Abrazo, Abrazo – Hug, Hug” as the mob chased me down the street.

Color Run Hugs

The powder that is used at each 1 km mark is made from a corn flour. It is 100% natural and does not damage one’s clothes. The organizers say that it should come out in the wash.

The ”Color Run” is a for profit company. They however, raise donations for local and national charities – over 80 to date. The founders believe in giving back and in Colombia support a religious organization called – la Corporación Avanza Siempre.

It would seem that the Color Run  is all about ” Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be You !”

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