The Best African Safari Destinations of 2018

Africa is such a vast and intriguing continent with much to explore, so it’s incredibly difficult to even know where to start.

Safaris remain incredibly popular with tourists, and these trips can range from a day out at a game reserve to a full-blown stint in the wilderness in some of Africa’s most remote and spectacular locations.

With that in mind, here is a rundown of the best Africa safari destinations for 2018:

Kruger National Park

South Africa’s Kruger National Park is up there with the largest parks on the entire continent. The 7,500 square mile site plays host to over one million tourists each year, and is the perfect place to see the ‘big five’.

Regarded as one of the best National Parks, the area is also home to over 500 species of bird, around 120 reptile species and over 80 mammal species. By jumping in a vehicle and touring the site, you’ll get to witness all of these incredible creatures roaming their natural habitat.

Maasai Mara

The indigenous Kenyan population takes great pride in the Maasai Mara National Park, and with good reason. ‘Mara’ means ‘spotted’, and the park gets its name from the fact that you can see for great distances across the landscape, making it one of the most picturesque sites in Africa.

The 600 square mile site has been popularised and made by many famous nature programmes National Park is also known for its hyena research and lion monitoring centres.

The Maasai Mara also hosts the Great Migration, where around 1.8 million wild animals arrive en masse every year to graze the land following the rains.

Arusha National Park

Located in Tanzania, the growing East African work hotspot, Arusha is one of Africa’s smaller national parks, but is undoubtedly the best place to spot the continent’s rarest and most eye-catching birds.

The park is situated close to the Mount Meru active volcano in Tanzania’s Arusha region, and attracts around 60,000 tourists every year.

Nowadays, with numerous Tanzania safari options available, heading to the East-African nation has never been more affordable so visitor numbers are set to rise significantly in the coming years.

Aside from iconic wildlife, the park offers great entertainment in the shape of canoe rides and hiking tours for physically active explorers; it’s also home to the world’s largest giraffe population.

Okavango Delta

Recently recognised as one of the 1,000 wonders of the world, the Okavango Delta is a contrasting cycle of high temperatures and torrential rains, which was not fully understood until the end of the 20th century.

Frequent floods between the months of March and July make this vast national park a thriving habitat for a host of animals. The giant, swampy river covers over 5,000 square miles of the Kalahari Desert is key to the sustainability of existence in this particular region of Botswana.

Luangwa National Park

Tafika, an enchanting spot nestled on the Luangwa River is the perfect location for a walking safari. Accompanied by your tour master, and your boots, track the follow elephant paths and game trails across South Luangwa National Park and marvel in its beauty.

Goliath Safari

Head to Mana Pools, an authentic camp on the banks of the Zambezi for a truly unique experience. The goliaths alluded to are giant elephant bulls that tower across the landscape. Take a walk with wildlife and spot lions and wild dogs- it’s arguably Zimbabwe’s most stunning national park.Consumer Resource Guide

Lakipia Plateau

Located in Northern Kenya, Laikipia Plateau is a vast landscape full of private wildlife conservancies such as Lewa, A couple of days here should enable you to spot all the Big Five and you can even go on local walks with Maasai guides and baggage camels.

Riding our furry friends is permissible whenever the terrain allows.

Mara North

Mara North is another area featuring plenty of private wildlife conservancy zones, attached to the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Visitors are encouraged to make their visit worthwhile and look out for big cats on the savannah, before retiring to starry nights at Saruni Mara.

If you’re finished cherishing the landscape then jet down to Msambweni to relax at Saruni Ocean Lodge and unwind on Kenya’s coral coast.

Okavango Delta

Equestrian lovers should look no further than Kujwana Camp in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, one of Africa’s leading destinations for horseback safaris. Kujwana is owned and run by a private couple who have bought their love of horses to the continent.

Generally speaking, horse rides can last up to six hours a day, galloping over grasslands past red lechwe antelope. 

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