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The world of international living is never boring, and that held true again this week. In today’s round-up, I discovered even more co-living news, have an update on the South Korean Winter Olympics, and learned a bit about expat life in Beijing.

Also in this newsletter, I’ll give you a quick update on news from Escape Artist, including an upcoming event and new eBooks available for you!

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Do You Like Technology? Then You’ll Love Beijing.

For the expat looking to take advantage of the fastest internet and technological advances, making the move to Beijing could be the best option.

Companies in Beijing are offering the best tech advances in smartphones, facial recognition software, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and more. The expat population is a growing community of tech-minded individuals, making Beijing one of the best cities for enterprising expats.

Some expats, however, don’t get to fully experience their new home due to language barriers, so if you want to try something new while living in China, don’t be afraid to learn a little Mandarin. Learning the language can be a huge step in becoming a part of your new community.


Will North and South Korea be Joining Forces for the Olympics?

After discussions on whether or not North Korea will be attending the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, the two countries have found another arrangement. This year, the North and South Korean women’s hockey teams will be joining forces to compete for the gold medal.

This is the first time the two countries have unified teams for the Olympics.

The decision is quite exciting, especially after many doubted that North Korea would even be attending the games, following years of tension between the two countries. North Korea will also be sending about 400 people, including cheerleaders, artists, and Taekwondo players for a demonstration.

Many parties, including some of the players for the South Korean team, are not happy about this decision, but others hope that this unification could bring peace to two nations that haven’t been able to escape high tensions.


Aussie Teen Saved by Dedicated Father

Every week I like to include at least one story from around the world that just makes me feel good about humanity. The daily news can be kind of dark, so I’d like everyone to finish up their week with a little bit of a smile.

This week’s feel-good story comes from Australia in New South Wales. On Sunday, Tony Lethbridge was told that he was going to have to wait as the police investigate the disappearance of his 17-year-old son, who hadn’t been heard from since he left to visit his girlfriend the day before.

He didn’t want to sit idly and wait, so he did what any sensible father would do – he hired a helicopter pilot to look for his son.

$1000 and minutes later, Samuel Lethbridge’s car was found crashed into the scrub about 160 feet from the road. Though he suffered serious injuries, and was found very dehydrated, Samuel was alive and will be recovering from his crash.


Dublin: The Next Destination for Co-Living?

The co-living trend is truly growing. Each week, I’m finding that this concept of shared living communities is popping up in various locations. One of the newest places I’ve witnessed the trend spread to is Dublin, Ireland. As an attempt to bring a New York City feel to the Irish capital, node dublin, a co-living space, will be opening up in March.Consumer Resource Guide

The space will feature fully furnished apartments, high-speed WiFi, and new amenities. The goal of node is to allow dwellers to arrive with just a suitcase, skipping the hassle of furnishing or worrying about the logistics of a new home – settling into the community as soon as possible.

Node, a company with several properties in the U.S., Canada, and the UK, works to provide living communities for entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals to enjoy a high-quality shared-living experience.

We at Escape Artist are just tapping into the power of co-living and are amazed to see how quickly the trend has taken off. Who knows what we will see next week?


News from Escape Artist

2018 is officially in full swing. The holidays have ended and our team is back to working hard to give you the best guidance on all of your international travel and expatriating needs. We have some exciting news that we are happy to share with our readers.

Because of the incredible amount of comments and questions I have been receiving lately, I thought this would be a perfect time to start planning an Escape Artist U.S. conference.

This will be an event that is 100% catered to you! In order to put together the best event possible, please take one minute to fill out this quick survey so that I can start planning an event that fits your needs. Like I’ve always said, let us do the work for you.

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This will be a great opportunity for you to meet me and the other amazing people that make Escape Artist the valuable resource it is today.

In order for this event to be a success, please fill out this quick survey. The success really depends on your input!

Also, if you haven’t spotted it already, the 2018 edition of our Expat Tax Guide is ready at the Escape Artist eBook store, along with our country guides. This year we are offering a free country guide with the purchase of the tax guide, so don’t miss out. Head over to the eBook store to learn more.

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Thank you for reading this week’s round-up! If you’re interested to learn what it’s like to expatriate, don’t hesitate to ask some questions. At Escape Artist, we aim to ensure that your travels abroad run as smoothly as they can.

Whether you are planning on living, working, retiring, or investing overseas, Escape Artist can help you every step of the way.

For more information on what’s going on in the international scene, check out some of this week’s newest articles!


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