Take Your Business Up a Notch With Executive Office Spaces

Ask any entrepreneur what their number one concern is, and they’ll tell you that it’s most likely trying to grow their business in such a way as to be cost effective and create a positive image and reputation. Structuring transactions and deals for growth and mutual benefit is a vital part of what makes an entrepreneur successful – the other part is image. You need to be perceived as someone who is trustworthy and successful. It’s been found that the impression of success, whether it’s through your dress or your address, is vital for you to close the next deal.

Costs of Doing Business

Everyone needs to be mindful of the costs of doing business – especially if they are just starting out in the industry. But how do you convince clients of the appeal of your business if you’re working from a garage in your parents’ house? The answer comes in the form of a modern innovation: executive suite hire. For more information on executive suites, you can visit www.servcorp.com/en/executive-suites/ to find out about their packages and information.

Executive Suite vs. Commercial Lease

If you think that hiring a commercial office space is the best option for you, stop for a moment and consider the expenses of that undertaking:

  • Cost of buying or leasing a property
  • Insurance
  • Tax and other building-associated costs
  • Furnishing and equipping your office
  • Paying for utilities like electricity and water
  • Paying for services like cleaners, pest services, etc.
  • Kitchen outfitting for your breakroom
  • Front of house personnel

Plus, whenever anything breaks or goes wrong in your office, guess who has to get in there and pay for the fix? It’s always going to fall on you to make sure that you can keep things afloat – and this is in addition to the stress of chasing down business and converting sales. So think about this before you invest all that capital into a commercial lease, and think about an executive lease instead.

Benefits of Executive Office Hire

It’s flexible to rent an executive office space, and you can enjoy the freedom of being able to move into your new premises on the same day that you rent it. When you get a commercial lease, you’re usually locked in for a minimum period of a few years at least – but with an executive suite, you can relax knowing that you aren’t locked into a lengthy period at all.

You get a great deal of services that come standard, which means you aren’t going to be paying for a secretary when not necessary! You share the front desk services, and there’s a postal service available too.

Networking opportunities abound in an executive office space. There are so many opportunities for people to discuss and share ideas and contacts; it makes sense to hire an executive office space just for this reason alone!

Your image gets a real boost when you are positioned in an executive office space. You will enjoy the prestige of a quality address and a solid impression in the community and the business world.

You will enjoy a whole host of benefits when it comes to using an executive office space for your business. Don’t forget that in addition to saving money and increasing the value of your reputation, you’ll also enjoy a fully set up and equipped office that’s ready for you to meet clients and close deals immediately.

Image source: http://www.servcorp.com/media/5276/1330-avenue-of-americas-new-york-feature.jpg