Stop Listening to the Voices

You are about to embark on a new adventure that you’ve been planning for a long time. You are looking at plane tickets, scoping out the area, getting all your ducks in a row. Now comes the dreaded moment of telling your family and friends. You aren’t sure how people are going to react. You’ve always been a bit of a spontaneous person, maybe even a bit crazier than the average person, so they probably won’t be too shocked. But every time you imagine telling people about your eccentric adventures, you kind of dread what their responses may be. I feel you. I was right there, too.


For years I thought about moving to a foreign country and becoming a teacher to sustain the lifestyle, but my dream started to fade as time passed and I didn’t pull the trigger. It wasn’t until a personal heartbreak and re-evaluation of my life that I was able to push away the fear and just go for it. What did I have to lose? So I packed up my comfortable life in the United States and moved to Thailand.


First off, you will probably get a million negative opinions as to why you shouldn’t go on your next adventure. The countless voices trying to stir up fear.  Eventually, I learned that people are just voicing their own fears, which are holding them back from living out their dreams themselves. And it’s usually pretty irrational. I was told I was going to get abducted, sold into sex trafficking, become a victim of a terrorist attack, or that the plane would go down on my way there. It’s funny when I think back to that time now and all the negative voices. I’m really glad I didn’t listen or let them discourage me, because I would still be at home wishing I was brave enough to go.


Unless you are going to a war-torn country or a dangerous place with a high crime rate (which you probably shouldn’t go to anyway), then you most likely don’t need to worry. Like any place, be street smart. Don’t do things that would make you stand out or draw much attention to yourself, and use common sense. I felt just as safe abroad than I normally do at home. Many times, people assume that because it’s foreign that it’s more dangerous, but I’ve learned that’s not really the case. Especially in Southeast Asia. So if you are stuck in that limbo between living out your dreams and listening to people filling your mind with negativity, do your research on any safety measures you need to take…then go. And send them a postcard when you get there.


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