Solo Travel is Trending – Here’s Why

In today’s modern world, people come from all kinds of backgrounds and upbringings. They come from different communities and ways of life.

One thing that helps to give us perspective is travelling alone. You tend to learn more when you travel abroad solo, because you alone are in charge of your experience. You can choose when and where you go. You’ve come to a fork in the road? Left or right – the choice is yours and yours alone. There are no distractions of travel companions. Not that travelling with someone else is necessarily distracting, but inevitably when you travel in pairs or larger groups, it takes more time to accommodate each individual’s needs. You also end up yielding to others’ desires that you might not choose if it were just you by yourself.

When you travel alone, you’re free to stop and talk with whomever you please and do so at a leisurely pace, slowing down and really taking things in. If you want to stop and rest and watch the sunset for an hour or more, you can. You can do this without delay or negotiation or debate. Travelling solo is also cheaper in many cases, more sustainable, and easier. It’s much easier for just one person to hitch a ride or score the last ticket on a plane, switch a reservation, find a seat…so many things. You can book a single bed in a hostel or hotel room.

Sunday Express, a UK publication, recently published an article detailing that the trend of solo travel is expected to rise to prominence next year. They cited Evan Hung, CEO of the solo travel app Zipskee. He said, “There’s something very special about connecting with people on a one-on-one basis while exploring the world. People become the best version of themselves when they travel alone — they’re more willing to try new things, let their walls down and push their boundaries.” According to the app’s founders, this newfound popularity is thanks to the ease of information access and the chance to experience uninterrupted personal growth. 

This idea makes a lot of sense. As someone who has done my fair share of solo travelling, I can attest to the fact that the internet is a life saver. Whether you need a tow truck, a map, a ride, emergency services, or just somewhere to stay or eat, having internet access in your pocket is like having the world at your fingertips.

Solo travel is also a great way to tackle your fear of the unknown. People are people no matter where you go. There are good and bad people out there, and we all want to avoid the bad ones. So even in a completely foreign environment, you really never need to be too intimidated or afraid, because most people of the world are good people, and they will treat you with respect if you do the same to them.