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Now, back to our regularly scheduled newsletter. This week, we’re bringing you some interesting news, facts, and happenings from around the world. Our planet is so fascinating. At Escape Artist, we believe you should be constantly exploring. If you can’t explore in person, live vicariously through our newsletter and articles!

Today, I’ve found that a real estate market change could benefit expat buyers, and you’ll see how one Dutch inventor wants to clean our oceans. Keep reading to learn some entertaining German vocabulary, how adulthood is changing in Japan, and the future of the World Cup.

As always, the newest Escape Artist content can be found at the end this newsletter. If you are looking for this summer’s vacation destination, I recommend checking out our newest Belize article.  


Buy, Baby, Buy!

Expats looking to score a new home in the UK will be happy this summer. Due to decreasing expat mortgage interest rates and a weakening housing markets, foreigners looking to buy a home will receive a negotiating edge.

The market is weakening and domestic housing demand is falling – and so have the prices. This has made the market for overseas buyers more than ideal, especially for those who are not affected by UK economic strains.

I recommend you act now, because the market is set to strengthen again and domestic sales may go up as well.


The Ocean Won’t Clean Itself!

Our planet has so much to offer in regards to natural splendor, especially our oceans. Unfortunately, as humans, we are not treating them as well as we should be. One Dutch inventor is set on fixing this issue.

Boyan Slat, along with a team of 70 individuals, has released a prototype of a divide that will hopefully be used to capture plastic found in the ocean. He has developed a plastic dam that will collect plastic from the water. After a trial run in the Pacific Ocean, the Ocean Cleanup Project is ready for a bigger sweep.

The team just got permission from the Dutch government to conduct a project in international waters. Their next target is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a collection of gyres in the ocean that attracts waste like a drain.

Slat will deploy the 2,000-foot-long screen before labor day.


Who Facharzt-ed??

Now that I have your attention, what may seem like a hilarious icebreaker is actually a medical term. A “facharzt” is the German language equivalent to the word “specialist,” as in a medical specialist. When you are traveling the world, it’s important to have, at least, a small grasp of the language, especially medical and safety terms. You never know when you’ll need to go to the hospital or get a small injury checked out.

Below are some seemingly funny-sounding German medical terms you should know while traveling:

Fachchinesisch: This is the German practice of using the Latin medical terms in a diagnosis. If you are fluent in Latin, you should be quite fine.

Fernbehandlungsverbot: Doctors are not allowed to treat a patient without physically seeing them. This is called fernbehandlungsverbot.

Götter in Weiß: Translating to “gods dressed in white,” this term refers to the respect within the German society towards doctors.

Kunstfehler: When a doctor makes a minor surgical error. Literally translates to “art mistake.”


I Am *This Many* Years Old

The Japanese government has put a bill into effect that will change the legal age of adulthood from 20 to 18, which is how it has been since 1879. Beginning in 2022, 18-year-olds will now be considered adults.

As adults, newly 18-year-olds will be able to marry without parental consent, apply for credit cards, and apply for a 10-year passport, as opposed to the 5-year child passport. Another change is that teens diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder will legally be allowed to change their gender at 18.

18-year-olds will not be given all adult access, however. They will still have to wait to drink, smoke, gamble, or adopt children until they are 20.


Around the World in… How Many Days?

Still looking for summer plans? Can’t pick just one destination? Now, you don’t have to. For $143,000, you can visit 8 countries on 4 continents with a high-end, luxurious world tour.

High-paying travelers are flocking to the Four Seasons Jet world tour, which began in 2014. On the trip, customers take a Boeing 757 on a 24-day trip from Seattle to Kyoto, Bali, Seychelles, Rwanda, Marrakech, Bogota, the Galapagos Islands, and finally Miami.

While on the trip, visitors will engage in a variety of activities and cultures, like perusing the markets of Marrakech, interacting with gorillas in the Virunga Mountains, relaxing on beaches, and much more.

Unfortunately, unless you already bought your ticket, this year’s trips are already sold out.


Thank you for reading this week’s round-up! If you’re interested in learning what it’s like to become an expat, don’t hesitate to ask some questions. At Escape Artist, we aim to ensure that your travels abroad run as smoothly as they can.

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