Seeing Secret Beach—Chronicles of Life in a New Land

San Pedro is the small town situated on the southern side of Ambergris Caye island in Belize. This Caribbean destination provides a diverse variety of activities for visitors of all ages, and being new to the town, I’ve been doing my best to explore as much of its offerings as possible.

If you’ve been following my chronicles, you’ll see that I’ve already made it all the way to the southern end of the island on my little pink beach cruiser.

Well, a few days ago (without really looking into any actual distances) I decided to point my wheels north to see what sights that side of the island might be hiding.


What I quickly discovered, however, is that sweet little Ambergris Caye actually runs on for many miles in that direction. And while I might have covered a good 10 of them that day, I never made it anywhere near the end, and I certainly was a lot worse for the wear by the time I arrived back to my apartment at the Grand Baymen Gardens.

What lesson can I take away from my sweaty mistake? Don’t try taking your bike down the long, rutted dirt roads in full sunshine. It’s brutal, and unless you’re Lance Armstrong, or a real bike enthusiast, you probably aren’t going to make it.

Plan B? Hitch a ride with neighbors who are going north for exploration via golf cart. Now that’s living! Cool breeze, fast speeds, and a roof to shade your eyes from the sun – that’s the way to go.

We bumped through town and over the toll bridge that, in island terminology, officially denotes entering the northern territory.

Forty-five minutes later, we peeled ourselves off the plastic seats to check out our first stop—Secret Beach.

Now, as any local will tell you, although it’s certainly not so secret anymore, it’s still a beautiful spot with some great island vibes. One small, local-style food truck stands by to serve snacks, and a full bar sits off to one side of the double docks leading into the ocean.


Making friends here was easy, as everyone relaxed along the water together and chatted freely about deep topics like the mysteries behind why we all love island life so much. The water is crystal clear and shallow swimmers can wade far out into the water without ever lifting their feet from the sand. So mesmerized were we that no one thought to move on to the next beach before the sun began to set.

We decided to head a little further north anyway and see if we could spot some of the more remote areas of the caye. The farther we traveled, the fewer and further between houses, hotels, and restaurants became. We pulled off at an empty white sand lot to sit and watch the sunset while enjoying the last few cold beers from the cooler.

As daylight disappeared and the stars and moon illuminated the ocean instead, the whole world seemed aglow with the harmonious vibrations of nature in all its glory. Getting out of town to see the rural side of the island was a fascinating feat. Again, I’m thankful for the friendly folks I’ve met in my new home so far. If it weren’t for their welcoming ways, I might still be painfully pedaling my way north.

Turning the cart toward town once again, I’m reminded of another plus side to the golf cart scene— headlights. There’s no staying out too late on your bike unless you have a handy headlamp to help you find your way back home at the end of the night.

So, with another successful mission under my belt, I sit back and enjoy the warm breeze that washes over my salt-stained face as I head home from yet another delightful day on Ambergris Caye.

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