Romantic Escape: Best Destinations For Eloping Around The World

Nothing can beat the feeling of falling head over heels in love with someone. More often than not, it happens that love grows so strong that people get crazy and elope to get married as soon as possible. Eloping is so romantic and thrilling, but it also requires a bit of planning. Join us on an around-the-world journey to see the best destinations for a romantic escape. 

Romance in Florence

Italy is home to many romantic places all over, but Florence is by far the best spot for a romantic escape! The city’s wonderful architecture, small wavy streets, and unique nature create a perfect romantic atmosphere. If you opt for a religious wedding you can choose one of many historic churches that look simply amazing! Just imagine you and your soulmate, surrounded by mesmerizing scenery overflowing with historical facts, with a touch of romance behind every corner – a dream wedding indeed!

Romantic Escape: Best Destinations For Eloping Around The World

The Magical Highlands of Scotland

If you’ve always dreamed of a fairytale wedding, but instead you’ve decided on eloping with your loved one, well, there is a way to do both! The Highland of Scotland with its historic castles (that simply look magical) can give you the wedding you’ve always dreamed of – a wonderful fairy tale wedding after which you can go horseback riding on your honeymoon! Enjoy the surroundings and take many photographs of your small, charming ceremony.

Sunny Maui

Eloping to a far away destination is the most thrilling feeling ever. If beach wedding was something you wanted for your big day – well, Maui is the perfect spot for you two, lovebirds. The clear blue waters surrounding the beautiful white sand beaches make Maui the perfect location for an intimate wedding. Have a unique experience of walking down the beach, barefoot, towards your soulmate, knowing that in just a few minutes you’ll be married! Well, isn’t that the best way to start your future together?


Exotic Bermuda

Enjoy the breathtaking views of this wonderful Caribbean island. Choose one of many historic churches for your ceremony if you want a religious wedding or simply let the pink sandy beaches become your wedding venue. Forget about the world and the hustle and bustle of busy city life and enjoy your honeymoon in stunning Bermuda!

Romantic Escape: Best Destinations For Eloping Around The World

Be original in Sydney

Skip the stressful big ceremony planning and elope with your loved one to the magical land down under! Elope in Sydney and spend your honeymoon exploring the hidden gems of this wonderful city. Well, maybe even go on one of the unique cruises and say ‘I do’ illuminated by the moonlight with the sound of the water in the background and the mesmerizing view of the Opera House.

Charming Fiji

Get married in one of the top honeymoon destination – Fiji and make it a long stay! Choose beachy elopement or an intimate celebration in a unique venue, one of many luxurious villas, and make your wedding unforgettable. Just forget about the world, it is all about the two of you!

Romantic Escape: Best Destinations For Eloping Around The World

Colorful, vibrant Azores

Watch the moon rise over stratovolcano Mount Pico as you say ‘I do’ and let the feeling take over. Feel the emotions as you wander through the streets of Portugal’s region – Azores archipelago, one of the most picturesque places in the whole world. You will completely fall in love with the wonderful country, with all its vivid colors and liveliness!

Unique Langkawi

This idyllic destination is perfect for anyone who wants something special for their elopement. Explore this wonderful part of Malaysia from its wonderful rainforests (and the tucked in pool villas more than perfect for an intimate ceremony

These wonderful destinations have a lot to offer. It really is hard to choose just one for your romantic escape but whichever you choose, you won’t be mistaken. Let your emotions lead the way, let your heart choose a perfect spot and simply let love inspire you.

Romantic Escape: Best Destinations For Eloping Around The World

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