A Perfect Weekend in Amsterdam

So, you’ve worked off another tough week and it’s time for the sweet reward of the weekend! You’ve spent five days thinking about what you will be doing, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with new and exciting ideas. Now that’s about to change! For the same price as a plane ticket to Newcastle (if you live in the UK), you can find yourself in the wonderful city of Amsterdam!

The pearl of the Netherlands is rich in history, architecture, and many other sights to be admired. You’ve probably never been to a town permeated by numerous canals before, so this trip will definitely be something fresh. Walking across the bridges and along the narrow streets is so incredible!

So, you’ve got two days to enjoy this wonderful place. And if you are completely fed up with all those museums, art galleries, and theaters, our online dating site certainly has some other locations worth visiting for the “culturally tired” tourist!

Make sure you check them out!

Where to stay?

NH Barbizon Palace is a perfect choice. The hotel is situated next to the Central Station. This one is also quite reasonable and has everything you need, including WiFi, a private kitchen, and other commodities. All rooms are spacious enough and have that unique Dutch “barn” style with really high ceilings and wooden beams. You will be met by friendly and helpful staff when you arrive there.

Leave your luggage and go exploring! There is a real buzz in the air in Amsterdam, especially at night with all of its lively bars and big racy pubs with Irish character.

Best Pubs and Bars:

Int Aepjen: This bar is located in one of the most historic buildings in all of Amsterdam, and it actually looks as if it has not changed since 1475. Full of itself, just like a real Dutch lord, it is an outstanding place to fell the local spirit.

Haven Van Texel: This one is a standard, yet cozy bar. What makes it totally amazing is its location right on a corner by the canal. You could sit here all night and not worry about how you will get back home, as the bar is within 5 minutes of the NH Barbizon Palace.

Whiskycafé L&B Now this place features more than 1000 different sorts of whiskey and bourbon – shipped from Scotland, the Americas, Canada, and even Japan! The atmosphere there is absolutely relaxed and noble. Nevertheless, this one is a very crowded place – all because the shared interest in good whiskey and food usually makes people spend the entire night just sitting and talking.

Vesper Bar: This sophisticated cocktail bar recalls a feeling of diving into a scene from Mad Men. The interior is glossy, yet elegant. Traditionally on weekends, the bar proposes the “high tea cocktails” – an artful alcoholic twist on conventional black and green tea. Cakes from the bakeries next door are served together with teapots of cocktails.


Best Activities and Places of Interest

  1. The Heineken Museum

    If you have only two days at your disposal in Amsterdam, and you still aren’t bored of all the beer and other liquor, this place is an absolute must-visit for you! The scale and age of this brewery and museum is something you can’t miss on your journey.

  2. Rent a Bike

    If there is something about Amsterdam more famous than the coffee shops, tulips, and Red Lights District – it would surely be the love of bikes. One of the must-do items on your list will definitely be a bike ride through the narrow streets and over the canals. There are literally dozens of different spots to rent bicycles from.

    However, do not forget to stick to the special bike paths and follow other two-wheel tourists. Also, make sure you go riding along local sights in the morning when the traffic is not so intense (in case you are not much of a confident bike rider). Renting a bike is perhaps the best way to see the city.

  3. Red Light District

    Probably one of the most famed city districts in the whole world is Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Widely known for its open drug use and prostitution, this area might be pretty intimidating for an untutored person who does not fully realize what he’s looking for or what needs to be expected.

    That’s why our best suggestion will be to go for a walking tour around the district with somebody who can tell you all about this place. And while we do not recommend trying out any “services” (anyway, it’s your choice), it is still a really picturesque and interesting location to wander around and see the everyday life of women representing the oldest profession in the world.

  4. Experience a Local Café…or Two!

    Alright, here we go. Honestly, no traveler can return from Amsterdam not having at least tried some of the “specialities” in a local coffee shop. You know, a single hashish cupcake won’t cause great harm to you.

    In the coffee shops, you’ll find different levels of marijuana-based sweets that come in various forms and shapes – cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and even classic black coffee.

  5. The Jordaan District

    Nothing about Michael Jordan here! The whole Jordaan area has become another famous and frequently visited district in Amsterdam. Its streets are a real maze, but they can surely boast some of the truly best cafes, restaurants, and boutiques in the entire country. Spend a full afternoon here when visiting Netherlands for a weekend!

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