Why Paris is a Great Vacation Choice

When it comes to traveling abroad, there are many people that prefer the excitement of heading to a major city rather than going on a beach vacation. With so many wonderful cities to choose from in destinations around the world, finding the perfect place for a vacation is easy – if anything, you will be lost for choice. However, you won’t go wrong if you book your next city vacation in the delightful city of Paris.

The French capital is diverse, exciting, and hugely popular with tourists from around the world. People head to this city for many different reasons, and if you plan to visit for the first time you will see exactly why it is such a popular destination. This is a place that is packed with sights, attractions, history, culture, and world famous landmarks. In fact, your visit to Paris is an experience that will stay with you for many years to come.

Some of the Key Things to Love About Paris

One thing you can be certain of when you pay a visit to the French capital is that you will never have time to get bored. You can look forward to a full itinerary with some wonderful experiences. Of course, one of the reasons why so many people come to this city is because it is one of the most romantic places in the world, and this is why it is a popular place for couples and honeymooners to head to. However, there is far more to Paris than just its vibrant yet romantic charm.

Food and drink is another great experience that you will enjoy in Paris. We all know that the French love to cook and you can try some incredible authentic dishes at the many restaurants in the city. Gorgeous aromas, well seasoned dishes, and fine wines are waiting around every corner in this city, so you will definitely not go hungry. For those that are feeling brave, you can even try some of the traditional delicacies such as frog legs or snails!

Attractions abound in this city, so you can certainly look forward to plenty of sights and activities. Landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame are must-see sights when you come here. You will also find plenty of great cultural and historical attractions including The Louvre, where you can take a peek at the marvelous masterpiece, the Mona Lisa. When you visit the Eiffel Tower, why not head to the top where you can enjoy the most incredible views of the city from way up in the air. If you are into the arts, a visit to Musee d’Orsay is well worth it – and the museum is just across from the Louvre. Here you will find some wonderful pieces from world famous artists.


If shopping is more your thing, you will be in for a treat when you head to Paris. You can explore a wide range of designer shops as well as an electric atmosphere when you visit the Champs Elysees –  so find the best cash back credit cards to make your purchases during your trip. You can also take in the majestic sight of the Arc de Triomphe, which towers at 164 feet and is a globally known landmark around the world. The atmosphere along this stretch makes for an even more exciting experience.Consumer Resource Guide

There are many other things that you can enjoy when you visit this wonderful city. For instance, you can spend time exploring the historic Latin Quarter, pay a visit to the Sacre Coeur, or even visit the graves of Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. If you want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon trip, you can also take a boat ride along the famous River Seine, which enables you to see the city from a different perspective and wave to the locals as you cruise along.

All in all, this is a city that has something for everyone from great fashion and food to romance, excitement, and stunning sights. With so much to do, it is important to ensure you plan your itinerary effectively so that you do not miss out on the major sites. You can even use a trip planning app to do this, which makes it easier and more convenient to create the ideal itinerary for your city vacation. You can then look forward to some wonderful experiences, great photo opportunities, and plenty of adventure in one of the world’s most vibrant and diverse cities.

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