North of San Pedro—Chronicles of Life in a New Land

Those who have been following my chronicles from the very beginning know that one of my very first adventures on the amazing Ambergris Caye was taking my beach cruiser bike all the way to the very southern end of the island.

Well, all this time I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to head to the northern tip of the Caye, and it finally presented itself last week.

Two close friends of mine from back home in Asheville, North Carolina came down to Belize from Mexico, via the Chetumal-San Pedro ferry, and my brother arrived on a direct Southwest flight from Houston, Texas to Belize City.


To make it as far north as I felt I needed to go, a golf cart was 100% necessary. So with four people ready to share the cost, it was time to cruise.

We picked up a cart for 48 hours at a rate of $45 USD per day from Rock Rentals on Middle Street in San Pedro town and started out on our journey.

Getting out of town was easy enough. A $5 bridge fee and we were sailing over smooth streets at warp golf cart speeds. The quick pace was short-lived, however, when the road turned to gravel not too far out of town.


Soon, we were bumping along between the Caribbean Sea and the lagoon side of the island, enjoying immense bird spotting and the occasional lizard running across the road. Gorgeous hotels at every turn and cool over-water palapa bars threatened to deter us on our mission, but we stayed strong and stuck out the drive, aiming to reach the end of the island before the sun set at 5 PM.

Just before the halfway point, the street split and our team of expert adventurers had to choose between the interior road or driving directly along the beautiful beach.


You can guess which one we chose…suffice it to say we opted to stare at the sea. Now, this road was a little tricky to navigate, but one of the most scenic streets I’ve ever ridden along for certain. With an approximate six inch difference in the tides, the water and road ran parallel to each other, without ever actually intersecting.

We stopped often to observe all kinds of seabirds, as well as to cool off in the ocean. We found hidden hammocks and countless kinds of shell and coral treasures washed up along the shore. The area was so untouched, and its bright white sand and panoramic ocean views were absolutely breathtaking. I could easily have spent much more time exploring and enjoying, but—as we were on a rented timetable—we moved on to see what else the island had to offer.

Eventually, the road turned back off the beach. Here, we found ourselves traveling through extremely dense jungle down a narrowly cleared path. We paused to listen for Jaguars (yes, they exist in this area) … nothing.

Slowly, the sun began to set, mosquitoes began to swarm, and with about eight miles left to the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve at the end of the island, we decided to turn back.


Since there was no time pressure on our return trip, we cruised casually along the edge of the ocean, staring at the sunset and stopping at every bar or restaurant that caught our fancy along the way.

When we finally returned to town, our cart was covered with mud and sand, our bottoms were sore from considerable pothole and bump bouncing, but—having spent the day where the thick green jungle met the turquoise Caribbean sea—our hearts were happy and our heads were full of the images of immense natural mystery. There was certainly joy in our journey, and I have a feeling it was only the first of many more excursions into the Belizean wilderness to come.

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