A Nobel Prize Winner Returns Home, A New National Anthem, and On-Demand Miracles

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This week, we begin the one-year countdown for Brexit. While many are excited about the event, some officials aren’t as enthusiastic. There is a lot of work to be done before the year is up.

This week’s round-up also dives into one country seeking to find a new national anthem. Will everyone be happy? Keep reading to find out which Nobel Peace Prize winner is finally returning home and what rare occurrence will soon be an on-demand event!


One Year to Go…

In 12 months, the UK will be officially leaving the European Union, and many officials say that they have even less time than that.

Next March, the UK is scheduled to officially be free from the EU in the globally-known move dubbed Brexit. The European Commission, however, says the time left to negotiate a Brexit deal is far less than a year. They must wrap up by late autumn of this year in order for the European and British parliaments to vote on the agreement.

After the year is up, the UK will enter a transitional period where they will still be attached to the EU and still making a membership payment, in order to implement new rules and regulations until the end of 2020.

The EU and the UK are both dedicated to resolving any outstanding issues within the year, saying they both really want a deal. Political and economic security is at stake if they can’t tie up any loose ends.


The Czech Republic Seeks a New National Anthem

Marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic Olympic Committee suggested choosing a new national anthem.

Where is My Home?” the current Czechoslovakia anthem, was adopted in 1918. It features one verse in Czech and a second verse with a different melody in Slovak. When the Czech Republic and Slovakia split in 1993, so did the anthem. Slovakia took the second verse, “Lightning over the Tatras,” as its anthem.

Jiří Kejval, Czech Republic Committee president, says the Czech anthem is too short and lacks in majesty. The new arrangement features a long-forgotten second verse of the original by Josef Kajetán Tyl, the man behind the anthem. It also has a more complex orchestral style than the original.

Though many enjoy the new anthem, others are not quite happy with it. One music critic calls the song a “megalomaniacal arrangement under which the original composition is completely lost.”

Committee President Kejval is sticking to his decision, despite some negative feedback. He says that the discussion is a good thing, even if the anthem goes unchanged.


Malala Returns

In 2012, Malala Yousafzai was wounded during an assassination attempt in her home country of Pakistan. The Taliban hoped to end her campaign for female education by shooting her. Instead of backing down, Malala persisted, becoming a world-known advocate for moderation and children’s education, even winning a Nobel Peace Prize.

For the first time since the attack, the 20-year-old Oxford student will return to Pakistan and be reunited with family members. Though her hard work and campaigning has taken her on a journey all over the world, she has had a desire to return home – although she will not be returning to Swat Valley, where the attack occurred.


Meteor Showers On-Demand?

If you’ve had the luck of witnessing a meteor shower in real life, you know that it is a spectacular event. It’s amazing how wonderful streaks of light falling through the atmosphere can really be.Consumer Resource Guide

Not everyone is fortunate enough to see one of these natural events, due to location and light pollution. It’s even harder to find them because meteor showers and shooting stars only happen about 10 times a year. One Japanese company believes that a meteor shower should be seen by anyone and everyone.

ALE Co. Ltd., a Japanese startup based in Tokyo is the world’s first “space entertainment” company. ALE’s goal is to make meteor showers available whenever you want. Named “Sky Canvas” by creator astronomer Lena Okajima, the project started in 2001.

By researching the origins of real meteors and how objects burn up in the atmosphere, developers will be able to create an on-demand show. In December, ALE will put a single pellet-carrying satellite into orbit at about 220 miles. When an order comes in, the company communicates with the satellite to release pellets at a specific place in orbit. The pellets will burn up in the atmosphere, creating the beautiful view.

If it works, another satellite will be placed in orbit in 2019, and the first demonstration of the private sky shows will take place in Hiroshima in 2020.


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There are also two volcanoes in the area, along with ruins of an old version of the city, called Leon Viejo. Expats clamor to see its massive collection of Latin and European contemporary art, as well as to take in the colonial look and feel of times past. Many who choose to visit often stay, and it’s easy to see why.

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