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We’ll also look into one airline’s record-breaking flight time, a new kind of treasure hunt, how you may be directly involved in a new art installation, and where you should be if you don’t eat meat!

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You Won’t Even Have Time for Your Tiny Pretzels

There’s no need to pack that neck pillow either. The world’s shortest international flight can be done in only eight minutes. The Aruba Airlines flight last week took travelers 50 miles from Aruba to Punto Fijo, Venezuela, in minutes.

The flight runs twice a week on Mondays and Fridays, allowing travelers from Venezuela to connect to Curacao, Bonaire, and Miami. The short trip starts at $215.

This is especially exciting considering that this January, Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, stopped air and sea travel to Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao after accusing the neighboring islands of taking resources from the country.

A Swiss airline previously had an eight-minute international flight as well, but the service was canceled last year due to lack of interest.

The shortest commercial flight in the world is awarded to Loganair’s less-than-two-minute flight from Westray to Papa Westray in Scotland.



Families looking for a fun adventure this summer can sign up for the Stockport Brows and Bridges Trail “braille treasure hunt” in the UK’s Greater Manchester area. The goal of the treasure hunt is to raise funding and awareness for the difficulties that a vision-impaired person faces on a daily basis. The project was launched by the Walthew House, a charity for individuals with sight and hearing issues.

The treasure trail lasts about two hours and will challenge explorers to solve clues on plaques, signs, statues, images, monuments, and other features.

They also plan to host sign language events so deaf people can participate as well!


Oh, That’s Where That Shoe Went!

Remember that one time you went to Bali and lost one, or even both, of your flip-flops? So does one artist who used that missing shoe to send a message to beach patrons everywhere. Artist Liina Klauss of Germany created a visually striking installation using over 5,000 discarded flip-flops, hoping to raise awareness of plastic waste found in the ocean.

News From All Over!(Photo by Potato Beach Club, Bali)

The installation, 5,000 Lost Soles, can be seen at Potato Head Beach Club at the south end of Bali. The flip-flops were all found along the west coast of Bali, gathered by a team of helpers in a series of six beach clean-ups.

The artist said she used flip-flops because they are used directly on an individual’s body, creating a direct connection between a person and their impact on the earth.


Calling All Herbivores!

If you are a traveler hoping to avoid eating meat, Switzerland was named the top country in Europe to be a vegetarian.Consumer Resource Guide

In a new study by the Eco Experts, 26 European countries were compared, looking at the vegetarian-friendly restaurants available, the amount of meat consumed annually, and the price of meat per kilogram. Switzerland won, while the UK placed highly at number 5. Portugal was named the least friendly at number 26.

Switzerland is home to over 165 vegetarian-friendly restaurants and has the lowest meat consumption per year.


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Panama has two seasons: wet and dry. Dry season is referred to by the locals as their summer. It begins in December and runs through mid-April, and it features the hot weather you’d be seeking for a nice Caribbean vacation without the rainfall you’d get during the rest of the year.

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Myanmar was supplying about 75 percent of the world’s teak supply, but in so doing, was greatly de-foresting its own land. It makes sense that it would take measures to heal itself from the devastation from so much logging, but then there begs the question, where do we get more teak?

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This article was published in the Escape Artist Weekly Newsletter on May 25, 2018. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, please click here.

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