New Expat Tax, Best Country for Dads, and a New Kind of Map

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When looking for a new country in which to live, knowing the taxes you will be held accountable for is one of the most important things to keep in mind. This week, a new expat tax may be in the works in Kuwait.

If you are a new father, you may not be getting the time you need with your child. It turns out, the United States is one of the least qualified countries for parental leave. Sweden, however, is one of the best. We’ll unpack the details below.

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New Expat Tax Up for Debate

A hefty debate is in the works in Kuwait, where members of parliament will determine the fate of a new remittance tax for expats. Two parliamentary committees have expressed their disapproval of the tax.

What’s the bill?

The bill in question will impose taxes on money transferred by foreigners to their home countries. The tax would earn the state KD 70 million (roughly $23 million USD) from the remittances. Under the law, the remittance tax would be gradual, depending on how much the transfer is: one cent for up to KD 90, two cents for KD 100-299, three cents for KD 300-499, and five cents for KD 500 and higher.

What’s the argument?

The legislative committee has opposed the bill because they see it as unconstitutional. The committee also says the bill harms the country’s reputation. The financial committee, however, says the bill is completely constitutional and can be beneficial for the state.

One of the biggest concerns brought up by the legislative committee is that the bill lacks defining terms and doesn’t distinguish between people and businesses. Both committees agree that defining these terms and specifying certain aspects of the bill would make it more appealing.

If the draft is approved, it will have to be passed by the cabinet and turned into law. If this happens, Kuwait will be the first country in the Gulf Cooperation Council to have this kind of tax.


What’s the Best Country to Be a Dad?

New fathers are finding Sweden’s progressive laws ideal. The United States lacks laws concerning paid family leave, so many American dads are moving to Sweden to enjoy their newfound fatherhood.

Swedish parents get 480 days off of work for every child they have. For the first 390 days, they receive 80% of their salary and then around $20/day per parent after that. Three months of those 480 days must be taken by the father. Some groups are pushing for a change that says fathers must take half of the days for paternity leave.

Many families in Sweden are enjoying a culture that is not so concerned with work and more focused on enjoying life and time with family.


The Philippines are Closing a Popular Tourist Destination

Due to rising concern over environmental health, the Philippine island of Boracay will be closed for six months. The popular tourist destination once featured pristine shores but is now plagued with a cesspool.

Every year, almost 2 million visitors visited the island for the white-sand beaches, bringing in $1.07 billion last year. The island is home to roughly 500 tourism-related businesses, which will receive government aid due to the island closing.

How exactly the island will be shut down has not been determined yet, but the department of trade and industry suggest closing it down in phases rather than a complete shutdown.

The environmental concern stems from wastewater released into the surrounding waters by local businesses. The island’s hotels, restaurants, and other tourist-aimed businesses were condemned by President Rodrigo Duterte after dumping sewage into the sea.

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And Now, Here’s Some Science

Have you ever wondered what the ocean floors looked like? We know that above ground there are mountains, forests, deserts, and more, but what is happening below the deep blue seas?Consumer Resource Guide

An international team of experts made it their goal to find out. In 2017, people from all around the globe created General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans, a non-profit hoping to create the first comprehensive map of the oceans.

You may be shocked to know that only 15% of the Earth’s ocean is mapped. What we know, but can’t see, is that there are many things hidden in our oceans; buried treasures, precious metals, rare earth elements, oil, diamonds, and more. With a global bathymetric map, which is a map of the ocean’s floor, we would have a better understanding of what may be hidden.

Using sonar technology, underwater robotics, and more, the organization is creating a map at the British Oceanographic Data Centre in the UK. The general public can access the current data by means of a marine iOS app.


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