New Activity in Beach Town Jaco

The busy tourist town of Playa Jaco has a new and exciting tour to offer. Jaco Ropes opened in October 2015, and offers something totally new to Costa Rica. They offer 13 obstacles suspended in the jungle treetops at an elevation of approximately 25 feet. The obstacles are designed to challenge athletic people, but the good news is that there is always an easy and safe way to finish the course. The trained instructors are always happy to lend a helping hand. The ropes course is perfect for kids to offer a little bit of a challenge and for them to expel some energy. Almost anyone can complete the course, but the best part about the property is that if the parents or grandparents don’t want to participate, Jaco Ropes offers walking trails below the course so spectators can watch and take pictures.

The property is perfect for team building corporate events where the groups will learn to work as a team to accomplish a task. This type of activity helps employees work together better for the future. Birthday parties for kids are also a must, as Jaco Ropes offers many packages.


The ropes course starts by climbing up the stairway to heaven ladder. You warm up by starting out on a zip line, but it’s not your regular zip line because there are objects on each side of the cable for the participants to hit and collect points to compete against others. After the zip line, an easy bridge will get you warmed up for the more challenging mixed bridge coming up. The 4th obstacle is the Rope Pass, where you walk on a tight cable and have ropes to hold on to helping along the way. Another zip line gives a little bit of a break so you have some energy for the most challenging obstacle coming up, called the Tire Pass, where you swing from tire to tire. There is also a bypass offered if the person wants to take the easy route. After the Tire Pass is the Cargo Net traverse. The next obstacle is almost everyone’s favorite and you can understand why, Surfing in the Air is riding a surf board from one tree to the next.


The Swing Walk is one of the more challenging ones offered throughout the course, and is finished by swinging from one swing to the next but standing up. Next is the easy breezy Tarzan Swing, or Jane for the ladies. The last obstacle before the rappel to the bottom is the Monkey Pass which is accomplished by walking along wooden timbers. The instructors will drop you down fast or slow to the ground on the final rappel where the staff will have cold water and some fresh fruit ready for you.


Jaco Ropes also offers a rappel down a giant 100 foot ceiba tree and a Quickjump, which is a bungee drop for the extremist. Safety is always the number one priority for the staff at Jaco Ropes, and the best safety equipment is used. See you in the trees!