What You Need Know About London

Summer is just around the corner, and London has always been a bucket list item for many. From Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey to King’s Cross Station, tourists are flocking from all over the world to experience the history of this great city.

After the UK has made the news following a recent string of attacks and the nearing election, many are wondering what is going on in London. Is it safe to travel there?

Government officials of London say that with heightened police numbers and safety precautions, London is a safe place to travel and will remain so.

The upcoming election has been a rocky road for some following the attacks, as Brexit and other topics get pushed under the rug.

Here is everything you should know about the current state of London.


This weekend London experienced a devastating attack that took the lives of seven and injured 48 others. Three men drove through crowds of people on London Bridge and began a knife attack when they exited the vehicle in Borough Market.

The identities of the trio were discovered earlier this week. Rachid Ridouane and Youssef Zaghba were led by Khuram Butt. Butt and Ridouane are both from Barking, England. Zaghba, is from Italy.

All three attackers were shot dead at the scene within eight minutes of the police receiving the initial call.

The incident is the third attack in Britain in the past 3 months, following a bombing at an Ariana Grande concert taking 22 lives last month, and a similar incident on the Westminster Bridge on March 22, when four were killed by a driver aiming at pedestrians.

Attitudes in Britain are tense following the attacks. Many political parties halted campaigning for the upcoming election, but have resumed early this week. The general election will take place, as scheduled, on Thursday, June 8.

With tension high, many are wondering if London is a safe place to be. Those planning to travel abroad to the British capital could be worried about the current terror threat.

Currently the threat level remains at severe and has not yet reached critical, as it was following the Manchester incident.

Police activity has risen since the attacks, as a safety measure. The Metropolitan Police have issued instructions to civilians to run, hide, and alert authorities if another situation were to occur. This is the first time an alert like this has been issued.

Prime Minister Theresa May advises citizens to stay vigilant and keep calm.

She says that the UK should not continue as if nothing happened, and she plans to enact tough measure to tackle terrorism. May even called on internet companies to do more to tackle the spread of extremist material, stating “safe spaces” for terrorism must be eliminated.

London Mayor, Saqid Khan, spoke about the terror attacks saying there was no justification for the attacks, and terrorists will never cause the city to cower in fear.

The Election

As the election rolls nearer, the topic of national security has risen to the top of everyone’s mind. Both the Conservatives and Labour party battle to defend their stances on security after the recent Islamic attack.

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Prime Minister May has faced many questions about her record, after overseeing cuts to police numbers while she was interior minister.

Polls still say, however, that May’s Conservative party, which has been in power since 2010, will win the majority on Thursday, by as little as one point.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party candidate and biggest competition of May, has also had a weak stance on terrorism.

Following the attack, the election returned to the campaign trail.

On Monday, May tried to steer the election back to the themes of Brexit and leadership, which her team says will win her the election.

Jeremy Corbyn promises a new deal for housing, addressing those forced to rent due to the current state of the country’s housing market.

Liberal Dem candidate, Tim Farron, urges voters to not vote for Theresa May.