Should You Move Abroad With Your Pet?

Pets are an undeniable part of the family.  We only want the best for them and it can be difficult to imagine life without them.  However, when moving abroad, you need to decide if your pet will be better with you in a new location, or if the stress of the move and the exotic surroundings will do more harm than good for your furry family member.

Connie had gone to Costa Rica and fallen in love with the pristine beaches and tropical climate.  After returning home to the Unites States, she soon decided to move back to Costa Rica and to take her two small French bulldogs with her.

First, she had to get all of their shots and paperwork in order.  Then, she had to ship the dogs in the cargo of the plane which was a bit expensive, but not too difficult.  Once she touched down in Costa Rica, she thought the hardest part was over.

While the dogs were alright at first, within about a month, one of the dogs developed a terrible skin problem and the other kept getting giardia.  The dogs were having extreme problems adapting to the water, food, and local parasites.  After months of problems, the dogs finally started to assimilate, but it was a lot of stress on Connie both mentally and financially, as it took thousands of dollars in vet bills.

Every situation is different, so your pet might be completely fine when moving abroad.  If you want to take your pets with you, try to talk with others who have done the same and learn from their experience.  And be prepared for the unexpected.

If you’re still trying to decide what the best thing for your pet is, talk with family and friends to see what your options are.  Someone might be able to temporarily house Fido until you get settled in.  Or your neighbor could offer to adopt them permanently or until you return.  Once you have a full scope of what the possibilities are for your pet, you’ll be better equipped to do what’s best.

Moving abroad is a big decision itself, and trying to bring your furry friend with you is equally as important.  Understandably, the natural reaction is to take them with you.  However, depending on where you’ll be moving and what kind of time you’ll have to dedicate to them, you may want to explore all of your options to ensure the best quality of life for your critter.