Mexican Ex-President Supports Blockchain

Around the world Blockchain has begun to gain mainstream popularity. Businesses see its potential as a secure way to keep information safe and private. Even countries have started to promote Blockchain to stop political corruption (or at least decrease it).

Mexico has been talking a lot about implementing Blockchain in the recent months with presidential helpful Ricardo Anaya promoting it in the campaign trail. More recently, Blockchain gained a boost from a controversial figure in Mexico.

Mexican President Vicente Fox has supported Blockchain as a way to stop political corruption in his country. While many see this as a step in the right direction, with politicians adopting modern practices to stop ancient problems, President Fox is a lightning rod.

Vicente Fox has been very outspoken and critical of many aspects of Mexico and the United States which led to his being a positive and a negative force in Mexico depending on where you sit on the political spectrum.

Vicente Fox has been extremely critical of Donald Trump saying in multiple videos on youtube that he is crazy and that Mexico will not pay for any wall. In a recent conference The Ex- President stated that Donald Trump is only sacrificing the future of the United States, referring to the NAFTA negotiations.

Fox has not only gone after the president of the United States, he’s also been extremely critical of the conditions of his own country. Blaming the rampant government corruption on the same people that he once presided over, promoting the legalization of drugs on both side of the border, among many other things. His support of Blockchain sounds like one of the most reasonable arguments he’s made.

Vicente Fox, who was the first elected president of an opposition party since 1910 and founder of the Fox Center, one of the voices of the world in the contemporary geopolitical landscape, recently participated as a speaker at the Blockchain Economic Forum (BEF), held in Singapore .

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox was part of a panel discussion at the Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore on February 5, 2018, and had a number of ideas about blockchain technology in general and how Mexico could use it to help reduce the corruption and control drug trafficking.

Fox, who admitted that he does not understand much about the technology of blockchain, sees the great potential behind it’s basic concept of a ledger system, which can be used to democratize data for the good of all, specifically in what he is calling the “revolucion amarilla”.

In one example, he talked about how Mexico has to import US $ 40 billion of corn from the United States because they are not growing enough, but it is a staple of the diet in Mexico. He knows that there are older farmers who do not necessarily understand technology, but they have wisdom and know how to obtain higher yields.

For him, the three and a half million farmers in Mexico would have the opportunity to access this tech and increase their own yields for the benefit of all. It would take some time to make the farmers understand the technology, but this proposal has great potential.

Regarding corruption, an evil that has affected the economy and development of Mexico for decades, Vicente Fox said at this year’s BEF that corruption in governments around the world costs citizens billions of dollars and knows that Technology can help hold these politicians accountable, from elections to votes on legislation.

When it comes to bribery, he said: “You can not corrupt a machine or a computer.” Blockchain is a great tool because it eliminates the human problem. Every transaction is seen and can be traced, something that could be hard to do if the accounting is done by a corrupt politician who could easily hide or eliminate the ledger.Consumer Resource Guide

Mexico is rich in natural oil reserves, but President Fox explained: “Part of our corruption that must be addressed is milking the pipelines. Thieves drill our oil and gas pipes and take large quantities of oil and gas directly from the pipeline. “He encouraged the blockchain community to continue to offer innovative solutions in the supply chain.

President Vicente Fox is a controversial figure, but at his core he wants to do good for his country. Blockchain is the future and every government around the world should start to consider this if they wish to move ahead in today’s technology inclined market.

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