Casting Call for TV Documentary Series: Is Your Family "Living Wild?"

Casting Call for TV Documentary Series: Is Your Family “Living Wild?”

Everyone has dreamed of trading his or her modern, hectic, daily grind for a simpler lifestyle that is closer to nature. However, very few hardy souls have taken that leap and gone to live completely off the grid.

Espiritus Productions has partnered with EscapeArtist to track down several of these modern-day homesteader families that are giving it all up to begin new, self-sufficient lives in a foreign land. In an observational cable documentary series tentatively titled “Living Wild,” Espiritus Productions will profile each family’s adventures to answer such questions as

  • What factors led the family to choose the location of its new home?
  • How have they become more integrated with the environment?
  • What foods have they raised and grown to sustain the family through every season of the year?
  • How have they protected themselves from predators and the elements?
  • Which modern conveniences have they given up, and which did they reinvent?
  • How have they engaged with the local culture?
  • How have family members changed and grown from the experience?

If your family has moved to a foreign country and is living off the grid, or if you are currently in the process of relocating, Espiritus Productions is interested in hearing your story.

(If you know a family who meets our criteria but might not see this article, please share it with them.)

Simply complete and submit the form below. In the comments section, please be sure to tell us 1) about the members of your family, 2) where you have moved/will move, 2)  and 2) how you made the decision to “live wild.”

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