Island Hopping in the Caribbean

A romantic tropical dream for many, the Caribbean is an enchanting place and with only 2% of islands inhabited there is endless untouched places and wildlife to see and explore.

One of the major draws for vacationing in the Caribbean is the ability to island hop. Many travelers are surprised by how unique each of the many islands can be, with their own landscapes, scenery, cultures and lifestyle. It is no wonder that visiting many islands during a vacation in the Caribbean is becoming a must-do experience.

By Sail or By Air

Many people think sailing the Caribbean is a luxury reserved for those privileged few who actually own yachts, but fully crewed Caribbean yacht charters on the open water is easy, exciting, romantic and fun.

Of course you will cover more territory by air. Charter flights around the Caribbean are inexpensive so many are opting for a combination of both. Rather than spending a day or more on the open water, they take a quick flight to one of the many islands and explore the region by yacht before moving on to the next island. The region comprises more than 700 islands so there is plenty to see. Here are few favorites.

Anguilla is an upper-class resort island famous for its fine dining experiences. No stop-over to this island would be complete without feasting in one of the many oceanfront restaurants – the seafood is simple amazing and the views of the sandy, brilliant white beaches against the clear turquoise Caribbean waters make this an experience of a lifetime. While visiting Anguilla take a quick trip on one of the ferries to the next-door island of St Martin.

St Martin
St Martin is a unique island of culture and heritage, home to three distinct cultures – Dutch, French and an exotic mix of both with a Creole flavor. These unique cultures live side by side each with their own unique traditions. The atmosphere is fun, exciting and really sizzles when the sun goes down. Of course water sports such as diving, snorkeling or sailing is a must during your visit. You will enjoy the different and fantastic French and Dutch restaurants on the island.

Like to explore the great outdoors? Saba is a great island for you, especially the diving and hiking excursions. Small and secluded, island visitors are able to enjoy leisurely walks on the beaches or a swim in the blue sea in relative privacy. Saba makes a great day trip destination if you are looking to get away from it all and relax.